Crack the Email Marketing Code with These 8 Hacks

Do you feel like your company is no longer benefiting from email marketing? 

Before you go ahead and scrap your campaign, know that emails traditionally have a massive return on investment. In fact, marketers can earn about $42 for every $1 they spend on subscribers.

More often than not, the failure of this marketing strategy is due to certain actions and mistakes. So, if you want your business to drive emails that generate sales, make sure to follow these tips on how to crack the email marketing code.

Make Your Emails Intriguing 

You need to create something that catches your customers’ attention. As every word counts, your message should draw them to take action right away. 

You can do this by writing intriguing lines, which comes in the likes of: 

  • “I just talked to the most successful leaders of three businesses.”
  • “Picture this: You’ve just closed an important deal. 

The Shorter the Email Is, the Better

If you want your open rates to soar, the best thing to do is avoid lengthy messages. Your customer doesn’t like to read a long email, after all.

If you want them to understand the information you are trying to impart quickly, you have to write shorter sentences and paragraphs. You also have to avoid inserting fluff and unnecessary content in your email. 

Once you’re done with your copy, read it all over again. That way, you can get rid of the many mistakes that may ruin your message.

Keep Email Marketing Texts Plain and Simple

Unless you own a trendy fashion business, you should avoid the intricate templates or the periodic ads. Instead, stick with text-based emails as they seem more personal.

Apart from keeping your content readable, you should bold or italicize ideas that you wish to emphasize. You can also use lists or bullet points to highlight some of your data.

If you wish to send an email that involves steps, remember to use numbers!

Personalize Each Email

To crack the code behind email marketing, you have to personalize each message. Your email should seem like you’re only talking to this one customer, even if you’re communicating with a number of them. 

You can achieve this by using ‘you’ in the body. Another option is to mention the customer’s name in the email casually. 

You can also enjoy a higher click rate by including the client’s name in the subject line. This is sure to work as this will make your customer feel more important than the others. 

Another way to personalize your email is to share something unique that has happened to you. Your subscribers will appreciate a memorable or funny story as long as it’s related to the message. 

Remember, stories draw people in. 

Use Different Emojis

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably used an emoji or two in your mobile messages. You can also add these elements to your email campaigns. 

An emoji in the subject line can boost your open rate since it makes your email appear friendly.

That said, you need to know the best time to use these emojis. It would be bad to include a fire emoji if you’re talking to them about the stock market. 

Include a Call-To-Action

An email is not just for reading. It’s about convincing people to take action and do something. 

Whether it’s clicking a link to your website or following you on social media, you can make them do this with a call to action or CTA. 

Ensure that the instructions for your CTA are clear and easy to understand, so people can take action in the manner you intended. 

Test Your Email Campaign Before You Get Started

Say that you have already cracked the marketing code with intriguing emails that are plain, simple, and personalized. Before you send these out, take some time to test your campaign. 

It’s essential to see how it looks in all types of technology, that is, on a desktop PC or a mobile phone. A/B testing can also help refine your message by showing typos, ugly images, broken links, and whatnot.

To avoid these many different errors, you should:

  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Send the email right to your mobile phone and open it.
  • Ask other people to look at and evaluate your email.

Use a Reliable Email Marketing Platform

Whether you have a small brand or a big one, you will need an email autoresponder. 

With this tool, you can:

  • Send automated emails
  • Facilitate opt-ins and opt-outs
  • Track your spam rates
  • Determine if you’re using many items that render your email ‘spammy’

An email marketing software can also help you determine what generates traffic and what doesn’t. That way, you can figure out the best way to write high click rate emails.

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