Cool Tips & Tricks to Make your Refrigerator a Lot Cooler

Cleaning and organizing your refrigerator are such a boring task that most people avoid unless it is necessary. We have scoured the internet to find the best tips and solutions to help you stay on top of this situation. Some of these ideas would even help you to save money on your electricity bill. So, let us start. 

Cleaning is the Most Important

I know this is not something you wanted to hear but it is the most important one. Cleaning your fridge religiously would save you a lot of time and money in the long run and it would prolong your refrigerator’s life. If you want to keep your fridge in its top condition, you need to clean it properly on regular basis to function it properly. Throw away the expired and outdated products and clean it with some commercial cleaning product would work perfectly with your refrigerator. This process would not only extend your fridge’s life but also it would look more appealing and inviting.

Sorting Your Food Items

Having an organizational structure in your fridge is a perfect way to save some space and keep things in perfect order. You can use small baskets to store your food items. You can even use this technique in your freezer. Another benefit of using small baskets is that if you have any accidental spill or leakage from your milk carton, these baskets would protect your shelves from getting dirty. You can also keep a basket full of healthy snacks to munch and still stay in shape.

Develop a Habit of Labeling Every Item

If you want to attain the fridge utopia then you better start labeling everything in your refrigerator. You can use labels on your baskets, shelves, doors, and even freezer. You are use labels on your food baskets, meal types, and date of expiration.

Keep Things in the Right Spot

If you want to optimize your shelf life, use the best way possible to arrange things on your fridge shelves. There are even some guides on how to store things in the best way possible to get the best look for your fridge. One of the most common examples is that don’t store milk cartons in the door of your refrigerator because the temperature indoors fluctuates constantly. Another thing you can do is to keep your fruits and vegetables separate to keep them from spoiling. 

Keep a list of your Refrigerator Contents

Imagine you are going shopping and you have to look into the fridge that what do you need. It is as tiring as it sounds, right? Well, you can avoid that by keeping a list of your items in your fridge. You can use a magnet or even paint your refrigerator to write on it with chalk.

Lazy Susan in your Refrigerator

This is a dazzling thing you can do to your refrigerator. Imagine you have a Lazy Susan in your fridge to keep your food items and canned goods. You don’t have to look here and there and underneath the shelves to find the thing you are craving about. Just rotate it and you will have your desired product in seconds.

Choose the Best Location

Placement of your refrigerator, just like in real estate, is location, location, and location. Never place it close to a wall or in a place where there is no air circulation. Also, keep it away from heat appliances like heater and oven. Make sure that your refrigerator has enough ventilation. This would help your fridge to work better and enhance the cooling process. 

Don’t keep the Door Open

Every time you open the door of your fridge, the cool air gets out and warm air ambient air gets in your fridge. To maintain the cooling inside the refrigerator, you must close the door immediately after using the refrigerator. You should not keep the door open unnecessarily for too long. Also, make sure that items stored in your fridge are not keeping the door from closing properly. 

Check the Door Gaskets

Develop the habit of checking the gasket of your refrigerator door regularly. If there is some leakage in the gasket, it can affect the cooling process of your fridge. 

By doing a few easy things, you can extend the life of your refrigerator. These tips would also help you to cut down your electricity cost and make your refrigerator energy-efficient. 

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