Celebration of Raksha Bandhan in Different Parts of India

The festival of Raksha Bandhan has overcome all the geographical barriers in the last few years. Now the festival isn’t just celebrated in the northern region by Hindus, but worldwide it is celebrated by many people. Since the advancement of technology has occurred, sisters can send Rakhi online to their brothers and celebrate the festival with him. You can also buy Rakhi in Delhior any other part of the country with the convenience of online rakhi shopping.

 How is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated in different parts of the country?

  1. Rakshabandhan is the Northeastern region of India – Shravan Purnima

The festival of Rakhi is of great significance to the Hindus and all the other religions of India. People of the northeastern region celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm. States like Tripura and Assam celebrate the festival more enthusiastically as there are a large number of Hindu people living in those states. Sisters of all faiths tie the knot of protection on the wrist of their siblings. Some people celebrate the festival by tying the sacred thread on the wrist of their friends to symbolize their significance in life.

  1. The Western Regions Including Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa – Nariyal Purnima

Rakhi Purnima is when the Monsoon (rainy season) starts approaching, and the ferocious sea calms down. This festival is significant for those living in the western coastal areas, especially the fisherfolk, who are dependent on the ocean and seas for their livelihood. The new fishing season begins, and the fishermen offer coconuts to the sea as a thanksgiving to Lord Varun (The Hindu Rain God).

  1. The Eastern Regions Including Orissa and West Bengal – Jhulan Purnima

Jhulan Yatra, this festival witnesses the romance between Radha and Krishna. There is a week-long spectacular display of beautifully decorated swings along with singing and dancing. This festival is an essential one, especially for the Vaishnavs.

  1. The Southern Regions of India – AvaniAvittam

Rakhi Purnima is Known as AvaniAvittam in South India. On this day, all the Brahmins change the sacred thread called Janeyu that they wear after getting a holy dip. The exchange of the Janeyu is symbolic of Prayashchitam, the atonement of all sins, and a Mahasankalpam, a promise to live a life of strength, goodness, and dignity. Pandits commence the reading of the Yajur Veda on this occasion.

  1. The Central Regions Including Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh – Kajari Purnima

This festival is essential for the farmers as the sowing season of barley and wheat begins. According to culture, only women who have sons can perform the rituals of the festival. They collect soil in a bowl made of leaves placed in a dark room in the house and worshiped for seven days before being immersed in a pond or a river. Prayers are offered to Goddess Bhagwati for the well-being of the family and a good harvest. You can Send Rakhi to Delhi or other cities of the country with the help of Rakhi Bazaar.

Other Celebrations on Rakhi Purnima in India

  • Jammu celebrates this festival by flying colorful kites.
  • In Uttarakhand, the Janeyu is changed with a new one.

While the different parts of India have particular importance for Rakhi Purnima, on this day, the entire country celebrates the love and relation between a brother and a sister. Over a while, even Raksha Bandhan has evolved, and now even sisters tie each other Rakhi. Festivals are a celebration of life. It is an occasion when families come together and bond. Here is to wishing all the readers Happy Raksha Bandhan.

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