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Govardhan Puja is celebrated on the next day of Deepawali. This festival is also known as Annakoot. This Govardhan Pooja is a very special day for the people who believe in Lord Krishna. This festival has its own recognition and folklore. Cows are worshiped in the Govardhan Puja. On this day people make a statue of Govardhan using cow dung and worship that statue.


According to Hindu mythology, people of Braj (Mathura) were used to pray to Indra a lord of light and rain. When Lord Krishan was young, he asked people not to pray Indra and start to pray Govardhan mountain. He said that Govardhan is the natural resource of fresh air, food for animals, and some other important thing, and people of Braj started praying Govardhan. After seeing this Indra got very angry and he started very heavy rain in the Braj area. To protect people Lord Krishna took all the Brajwasi (people of Braj) to Govardhan mountain and lifted the Govardhan on his finger. After 6 days of heavy rain, Indra realized his mistake and came to Lord Krishna and asked to forgive him for what he did. On the 7th day, Lord Krishna put the Govardhan back on the ground and asked people to worship Govardhan every year. 

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  • Govardhan is made of cow dung with the decoration of flowers, colors. Govardhan is worshiped in the evening. People do Govardhan Puja with Diyas, Kheels, Annakoot, Sweets, etc.
  • After the worship, seven Parikramas of Govardhan are planted while speaking their jay. At the time of the orbiting, a person walks with a lot of water and other Kheel (barley) in his hand. They complete the 7 orbits with the singing Govardhan Puja Bhakti songs.
  • Govardhan Maharaj is made as a man lying in dung. A Diya or bowl of oil is placed on the naval of Govardhan Maharaj. After completing Puja people distribute Kheels, Kheer, Sweets in form of Prasad.
  • Chandra-Darshan is considered inauspicious in Annakuta. If there is a second in the pratipada then the Annakoot Amavasya is celebrated.
  • People wash oil the next morning.
  • On this day people also worship Vishwakarma. Vishwakarma is the lord of technology. On this day people worship their machines or tools. Factories of companies are closed on this day, machines are being worshiped.
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