Car Accident Fractures: What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

The number of miles traveled by Americans increased by 244 billion in the first nine months of 2021. With more time on the road, drivers are at a higher risk of fractures from a car accident and could face steep medical bills.

Did you know that a personal injury attorney can help with car accident-caused fractures?

In this article, we discuss why hiring a personal injury lawyer is essential after suffering broken bones from a car accident. Read on if you want to receive the support and compensation you deserve from your accident.

Offer Protection

One of the most important reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer is to protect yourself. Any personal injury case is complicated, but fractures from a car accident make the case a little more complicated visit Land Parker Welch LLC.

Navigating the small details involved with personal injury law can be confusing. Making the wrong decision or saying the wrong thing could prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Help Determine Fault in a Car Accident

Regardless of the circumstances of the accident, there are different factors used to determine fault. Even if you believe that you’re partially or fully to blame for the accident, always talk to your personal injury lawyer first.

This means you should avoid talking about the accident with the other driver, the police, or insurance companies. However, you should provide the necessary information but avoid discussing blame altogether.

Allow You Time To Recover

You need to focus on healing after obtaining broken bones from a car accident, but you can’t ignore your legal case. The most important thing a personal injury attorney can help with is allowing you to focus on recovery.

Collect Information

Your lawyer needs the details of the car accident as well as the car accident-caused fractures. This often requires time spent talking with your personal injury attorney, but they collect a lot of the information on their own.

They have the necessary resources to collect information such as police reports, insurance information, and other documents necessary for your case. This saves you time, effort, and stress.

Manage Communication

Your personal injury lawyer helps you avoid talking to other parties involved with the accident such as police, insurance companies, or other drivers. They take care of this communication on your behalf.

This includes negotiating medical coverage with insurance companies and sending demand letters. By taking care of the communication, they prevent you from hurting your claim by saying the wrong thing.

Handle the Legal Work

If you need to go to court, you need to hire an attorney. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the legal system, especially knowing which documents to file, how to prepare pleadings, and how to address the court.

Your lawyer has the necessary experience to take care of all legal paperwork and represent you in court. They know which details to bring up and how to ask the right questions to support your case.

Get You the Compensation You Deserve

If you’re dealing with broken bones from a car accident, you’ll face expenses such as medical bills, lost time at work, and damage to your vehicle. The right personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for these.

While many people worry about the cost associated with hiring an attorney, the price of not hiring one in these types of cases is often more significant. In many cases, you can even get compensation for an attorney’s legal fees.

Common Car Accident-Caused Fractures

The different types of car accident-caused fractures can affect your medical bills and the amount of compensation you need. Some of the most common types are listed below.

  • Stable fracture
  • Compound fracture
  • Transverse fracture
  • Oblique fracture
  • Comminuted fracture

The treatments for these types of fractures depend on the location of the fracture. They can range from reduced activity to a cast to surgery and bed rest.

How to Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney

If you want to have the best chances of success with your case, you need to find an attorney. However, not all attorneys have the same areas of expertise or approach cases in the same way, which is often overlooked by clients.

You need to be sure to find a personal injury attorney that’s compatible with you and your case. Being able to trust your attorney is essential in the success of your personal injury case.

Experience With Cases Like Yours

If you’ve suffered broken bones from a car accident, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Start with doing your research on personal injury lawyers in your area and check their areas of experience.

Your ideal attorney will specialize in car accidents or, even better, in fractures from car accidents. Talk to this local law office if you’re looking for an attorney located in California.

Get Referrals or Read Reviews

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find a personal injury lawyer, especially if the recommendation is coming from a friend or family member who had a similar experience as you or has a similar personality.

If you can’t get a referral, try searching third-party review sites for attorney reviews. Law offices often publish their best reviews on their site, but you want unbiased reviews from a third-party site.

Check Compatibility

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices for a personal injury attorney, you should schedule a consultation. Many attorneys offer free consultations before agreeing to take a case to ensure compatibility.

If you can’t attend this consultation in person due to your injury, try a remote consultation online or via a phone call. Take this opportunity to ask about the attorney’s approach to their cases and their personality.

Reliable Communication

During your consultation, be sure to ask about expectations for communication. If you’re the type of person who needs constant updates, then you want to find an attorney who has the time to offer these.

Attorneys with heavy caseloads may not be able to designate as much time to your case as you’d like. This is why it’s important to set expectations before deciding on an attorney.

Dealing With Broken Bones From a Car Accident

If you’re dealing with broken bones from a car accident, you need to find the right personal injury lawyer. They can help investigate your case, give you time to heal, and get you the compensation you deserve.

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