Top 9 Best Cannabis Business Social Network Sites

One of the many great things about social media is that you can join the communities of people just like yourselves. So, if you are a smoker or a businessperson looking for an audience or partner, the cannabis business social network will be a safe place for you. 

Social media is an Buy Marijuana online interesting place – anything can happen there, literally. What a man needs, he can get it online. And cannabis business social network helps a man get benefited from the use of marijuana or cannabis.  

Cannabis business social network” refers to the platform that hosts discussions, buying and selling, advertisements, and chatting about all weed-related stuff. That is where everyone is on the same terms, and everyone enjoys the same amount of attention.

A great thing about general social networks is that many minds can form a group and share information about their passion. Unfortunately, even the best social media apps and mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter restrict cannabis or weed content, so a smoker has to be reserved there. 

However, lucky for them, websites, and cannabis business social network applications are a perfect provision for cannabis enthusiasts without any restrictions. So, a lot of people turn to these networks to find a familiar, free place. 

All the cannabis social media sites and applications are available for adults in the countries and states where marijuana or cannabis is legal. The legality policy helps the company – and the audience – stay respectable and communicative and gain benefits from the cannabis social media platforms. 

Importance of Cannabis Business Social Network in the Upcoming Years

It cannot be denied that the cannabis industry is not the same as before; it has gone through a significant period of advancements. The stigma surrounding cannabis and marijuana use is getting eradicated day by day with the help of new social media sites. 

In the last couple of years, many cannabis business social networks are emerging on the surface of the internet. 

However, even though these cannabis social network sites work with 100% legalized policy, there’s still a long way for them to be accepted among the regular best social media apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

One hurdle is that cannabis cannot be advertised; therefore, these applications and websites cannot be advertised. When there’s no option to advertise them, most local audiences don’t even know about their existence. Large companies also keep away from cannabis-related stuff because of their complex legal situation. 

In some parts of Europe and a few US states, cannabis is legal for medicinal and recreational use. In other regions, cannabis is a banned substance – with people looking down upon it. Consequently, leading, mainstream social media sites restrict any content related to cannabis to keep themselves away from legal and political problems. 

Due to these problems, cannabis social media platforms were formed; they are, and they will be, the only safe places for people who are involved in the consumption and production of cannabis. These weed social media platforms are not only to buy, sell, and interact; they also educate people about the pros and cons of cannabis use and create awareness about its issues. 

Due to the vast reach and spread of the cannabis business social network, we can expect this extensive network to increase its audience in the upcoming years. These cannabis forums will take a lot of time to be on the level of other social media apps – not less than ten years – because the only problem stopping it is the complicated legal policies.

However, we can also expect some improvement and leniency in these policies in the upcoming years, because even the people who want to be a part of cannabis social media sites do not bring themselves to sign up due to stigma. 

eToro has a Social trading Network where you can invest on cannabis stock companies. But how to use eToro? There’s no need to be an expert in order to use it.

The enthusiasts and professionals are all up for keeping their hopes high that this stigma against weed social media sites will also be eradicated in the upcoming years. 

Best Cannabis Social Media Sites

We have listed the top 9 cannabis social network applications or websites that allow a free discussion and dealing of cannabis or marijuana. Let’s check out.

Cannabis Pros

Cannabis Pros is one of the new social media sites, and up and coming platform, for small-time weed industrialists. This 420 social network is designed to connect professionals and like-minded stoners. It also allows users to find jobs and events in the said area.

Cannabis Pros allows different cannabis-related companies to sign up on the site and post updates there. These companies also post jobs and events to hire volunteers and interns. This cannabis social network comes in handy for those who want to build a career – small-time or big-time – in the weed industry. 

Not only a career, but Cannabis Pros allows people to share their thoughts, news and build a perfect online relationship with the people of similar hobbies. 


Duby weed social media application is also one of the best names that come to mind when one hears about cannabis forums. Duby’s concept is very interesting: it is a safe place for amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals – no level restrictions. When you have a platform that is free and enabled for any smoker, you feel home.

It works as a mobile application, and it is one of the biggest mainstream cannabis lovers’ communities online. When we look at Duby’s layout, it seems similar to Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder – a bit of everyone. It means that Duby is easy and familiar to use.

This 420 social network application allows users to send videos and posts, and “stories” that remain on your profile 24 hours. Duby permits you to browse and share the contents of other cannabis lovers. You can follow hashtags and topics to be vigilant about your interests.

One of Duby’s unique features is that you can “pass” the content you like – then, Duby will try to show you similar content. Or you can “put it out” if you don’t think the content is well for you, so Duby will try to keep you away from it.

With the promotion function, many business people use Duby to promote their brands and create an advertisement.

Grasscity Forums

One of the best social media apps for cannabis is Grasscity Forums. It is one of the oldest 420 social network sites that is one of the most devoted dedication to weed and weed-lovers.

Originally, Grasscity Forums was formed as a marijuana-growing forum. It instantly gained popularity when users discussed issues like how to grow marijuana, how to take care of it, etc. The site was filled with guides and how-tos. But not after long, it turned in to one of the biggest social forums.  

Grasscity Forums is itself a home for many different cannabis forums where you can chat and talk to other weed enthusiasts about growing, planting, smoking, legalization, and whatever you like. Recently, Grasscity Forums added a section, especially for cannabis-related news, with a directory that shows dispensaries of cannabis around the United States.


WeedLife is a relatively new cannabis business social network and is still a bit glitchy but is improving day by day. It comes under the head of The WeedLife Network. Many people are signing up on this 420 social network on a daily basis because it features a whole new social media site style of cannabis social media. 

This platform was started as a subsidiary of the Denver, a Colorado-based tech company Social Life Network, Inc. Originally, Social Life Network was founded in 2013, then its subsidiary, The WeedLife Network, became the forum for over 40 applications and websites related to the cannabis industry.

This cannabis social network site features videos, news, business, and legalization related topics, products, how-tos, and much more. Although WeedLife is still in its developing phase and needs a lot of work to make the experience better, it still provides an original home-feel to cannabis smokers.

WeedLife will work as one of the best social media apps for you if you are a business, brand, or public figure. You can create your page (a subreddit kind of thing) where people can post stuff on your wall and create a whole topic out of it.

The WeedLife is one of the very few weed social media networks accessible to users around 120 countries across the world. You can either choose a business profile or personal profile to register on WeedLife. After a brief registration process, you can become a member of this vast platform.


Weedable is very similar to Duby. It is a familiar-looking weed social media platform where people cannot only interact with each other, but with brands too. You can follow, share, and buy weed directly from the dealers and brands on Weedable. 

Weedable is among the best social media apps for entrepreneurs in the cannabis area. As its name suggests, this weed social media network allows the audience to create business profiles and connect with other businesspersons. Being a businessperson, you can contact brands and sell your product to thousands of passionate smokers. As a user, you can browse through unlimited content and many products without leaving the site; it’s the social network’s main advantage over other cannabis forums.

The mobile application of Weedable is currently under development, and we can expect a lot of new things and many upgrades in the mobile application.

MJ Link

MJ Link is debatably one of the largest cannabis social media sites for weed businesses and professionals. As the name suggests, this 420 social network creates a link between businesspersons to partner up or assist each other in the cannabis business.

MJ Link is also a part of The Social Life Network – the head of the WeedLife – and is mainly a business-to-business model. In 2018, The Social Life Network introduced its subsidiary company based in Delaware, and that was how MJ Link was born.

This cannabis social network website features a wide range of services – which you can hire – like accounting, insurance, banking, distribution, production, extraction, and more. Every service is related to the cannabis industry. These features also create a path of employment and volunteers in the respective industry.

MJ Link is one of the new social media sites, a go-to platform for many entrepreneurs who want to connect with other people for business formation.

MJ Link is similar to WeedLife in this case; both works best for brands and businesses. More than 2.6 million users sign up on MJ Link, and WeedLife combined. These are not as big as mainstream social sites like Facebook and Instagram, but MJ Link is still a perfectly safe place for a lot of weed-related businesses and stoners.

Grow Diaries

One of the most popular cannabis social media sites on the internet is Grow Diaries. It is specially designed for cannabis growers around the world. Grow Diaries enable users to ask how-to questions from other people. In this way, they get to learn excellent tips and tricks to grow cannabis by themselves.

Grow Diaries also enable users to compare their yields with other grower members on the site, which helps keep track of growth record and helps on optimum level cannabis plantation.

This social media community is tightly knitted; the users seek help without fear and help each other avoid the mistakes. Usually, people’s questions are answered in very detail because Grow Diaries have a lot of experienced members.

If you are a beginner or a rookie with cannabis, Grow Diaries can be one of the best social media apps for you. You can find helpful information from various veteran cannabis growers about different methods and systems of cannabis growing.


LeafWire is another great platform for cannabis business. LeafWire is a bit different from other new social media sites on cannabis because it devotes a larger portion of its app to help people establish their own cannabis business, form partnerships, and seek advice from professionals. 

Although LeafWire itself is a relatively new platform – founded in 2018 – it has improved itself with a significant measurement. 

A great provision of LeafWire is that it opens up a free-spirited platform for investors. People can invest in the cannabis business through LeafWire. If we look at how LeafWire opens up job opportunities, it is very similar to LinkedIn. LeafWire is a vast interaction platform where people can interact with the content posted by other users. 

This platform also helps users fetch the latest news and updates of the cannabis-related industries and issues. Approximately 25,000 cannabis professionals have a LeafWire account – it is not much, but all is legit – so it turns out to be a pretty fantastic place to socialize.

According to LeafWire’s report, this company is planned to create more than 250,000 more jobs in the field by the end of 2020, bringing in about $24.5 billion in sales. Registering on Leaf Wire can put you ahead in the game.

LeafWire works to eliminate the stigma surrounding the medical and recreational use of marijuana; it affects the cannabis industry badly even though they do their best to raise awareness. 

Anyone can simply join Leaf Wire after registration – that takes even less than a minute. After providing your information and setting up your account password, you will respectively be an accredited investor or a cannabis industrialist – and you can easily connect with your kind of people.


Massroots is one of the older ones of the vast cannabis social media platforms. Massroots offer a website – which can be accessed from a PC – and mobile application. This website is accessible to adults in all the states where the use of cannabis is legal. The platform was first launched by the college students – Tyler Knight and Isaac Dietrich – in 2013. 

Although the founders faced many difficulties in finding the ideal investors for their just one of many new social media sites, it faced a huge success when it was finally out. At the time of its launch, not many cannabis forums were out, so Massroots became an industry pioneer. The website hit the 1-million milestone instantly after the launch.

Massroots faced a major speed-bump of a career when it was banned from Apple’s App Store in 2015. But just like other weed-related new social media sites, it made a comeback when 23 states announced the legalization of marijuana. Massroots made changes to its android and IOS application’s terms and conditions – so it complied with the rules and standard of perfect mobile applications for all in terms of legality.

This platform is different from other familiar-looking platforms discussed here because this one doesn’t revolve around users. It simply allows you to browse through – and rate and review – the pictures and videos of the products of marijuana or cannabis you have tried. You can also upload images and videos that other users can view. 

Massroots also allows you to locate the dispensaries nearby with the help of its extensive database. Details about dispensaries – modes of payment, age group, license number – can be viewed in this app.

To be fair, it can be said that Massroots is for business owners. If you have a cannabis-related business or a dispensary, you can create a business profile and increase your business engagement. Massroots runs a reward program through which you can get many perks such as concert tickets, entry passes to events, and more. 

Like any other application or website, you can sign up on Massroots with your basic personal info. Once you are a member, your privacy and encryption will be guaranteed – due to the stigma of cannabis use. 

Overall, Massroots is a great platform to seek knowledge and cannabis products.

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