Can Vastu Affect Your Marriage Life As Well?

Marriage is considered to be a sacred bond between two beautiful souls. What keeps this bond going is none other than the emotional connection, care, love and trust between the couple. But, if you cannot manage the relationship with your partner, you must start relying on Vastu for that. According to a Vastu consultant, many factors affect your marriage life. These include the location of the rooms in your house, colours on the walls, as well as the placement of objects in your residence. Not only these, but various factors are affecting the relationship.

As per Vastu Shashtra, there are plenty of tips that you must undoubtedly follow to have a bright and happy married life. Check them out below:

The Bedroom Must Be In A South-west Or South Direction

Vastu is all about setting up your rooms in the right direction and designing them preferably. Married couples must have their bedroom in the South-West or South direction. This placement acts as the finest aid in nurturing the love between you and your partner. As a result, you will surely lead a harmonious life with no hassle. These two directions are meant to reignite the romance in your life and thus, make this bond stronger than ever. 

  • The Bedroom Must Have A Soothing Paint

The vibe of your room and the overall energy running through are highly affected by the room’s colour. Anyone intending to lead a peaceful and soothing married life must get paint for the room that pleases the eye. These can be the pastel colours in the shades of blue, light peach or light pink. If it seems impossible for you to repaint the entire room, you can just paint the South-West wall instead. 

  • Always Opt For Wood 

Wood has always been considered as a sign of positivity. It’s because wood has the ability to snatch all the negativity prevalent in your bedroom. Wood is also an apt illustration of calmness and always proffers a peaceful and composed feeling to the ones living there. As per our Vastu guide, it stands very important for the couple to keep a wooden bed with a single mattress in their room. Also, having a set of wooden furniture is also highly advisable. 

  • Your Room’s North-East Part Should Be Clean

The Vastu consultant says that the North-East direction has deity energies, and this leads to it being considered as a positively charged direction. Due to the same reason, this direction is also named the Place of God. Thus, you need to keep this area of your room clean. You can use this place to indulge in meditation. Also, it is very important to note that one must not construct a kitchen in this direction. It can lead to many adviser effects on your relationship. 

  • Mirrors’ Placement

You should always keep the placement of the mirrors in view if you want a harmonious married life. It is prohibited to place a mirror right in the front of the bed. Also, the size of the mirror also affects your marital relationship. The bigger the mirror size, the more pressure it would put on your married life. Altogether, it is recommended that one should keep the mirrors away from the room. Instead, you can keep the mirrors in the dressing room. If you cannot do this, you can keep a cloth on the mirror and cover it overnight.

  • Always Keep Fresh Flowers

Have you always loved the presence of flowers in your room? If yes, then you don’t have to wait anymore! But, you should make sure that the flowers kept in your room are real and fresh. Artificial flowers can ruin the overall atmosphere of your bedroom. While on the other hand, fresh flowers with a nice odour shall lead to a sense of harmony and peace in your room. 


Anyone who wants some Vastu tips should always count on the finest online astrology consultation. This consultation shall prove to be the one-stop solution for all your needs and problems which you are facing currently. Vedic science is undoubtedly a very vast aspect, and adopting the above-mentioned tips can come up with harmony and love in your marital life. 

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