Best PC Components for Gamers PC Configuration

It is convenient to choose components for the subsequent assembly of a computer through online stores, where there is a possibility for flexible filtering of the selected product in the characteristics. You can also choose the desired goods through, which at the same time will show all the components for your gaming PC configuration, where it is currently possible to buy the desired product and at what price!

CPU Coolers:-

If you want to add an aftermarket cooler to the CPU, which you more or less only need if you intend to over-clock. We recommend Cooler Master, Noctua or (if you want a liquid cooler) Corsair & many other top notch coolers. For compatibility, make sure that it supports the processor socket and that it can fit in your case – the specifications will indicate its height from the motherboard upwards.

Video Card Memory:-

The larger the amount of integrated memory in the video card, the more game data it can store there and not search for it in the slower RAM of the computer. As a result, the speed increases significantly. Now on the market, as a rule, you can find memory cards from 512 MB to 6144 GB. We are not needed at all to have the memory for the maximum number of 6 concerts, but it is enough to have a fast memory for the type GDDR5 and the volume somewhere from 2 to 4 GB.

Choice of Power Supply:-

Our assembled computer will be quite insatiable in power due to the video card and therefore the power must be taken well. First of all, he follows the characteristics of the purchased video card to see what minimum power supply is needed for its operation, it requires at least 500 W. This means that the power supply takes up a reserve, 600-700 watts, to have enough to power our entire system. Accordingly, you need to select the power supply based on which video card you have selected. If this requires a power of about 200-300 W, then it makes no sense to take the power supply at 600-700.

Choice of Housing:-

To understand whether we are suitable for the case or not, it has a characteristic – a form of factor. The form factor indicates which motherboard will fit in the case. For example, if an ATX form factor is specified in the box’s characteristics, it will be able to charge both the full ATX format fee and its reduced version – MINIATX (or MATX). What format you choose the board is indicated in its characteristics in the form “Form Factor”. In the form of a factor MATX is the most common today.

Be sure to pay attention to the maximum length of the video card and the height of the CPU heatsink that will fit in this case. Modern video cards are quite bulky and will be sad if it does not suddenly fit into the acquired case.

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