B. Tech- A Brilliant career option for Tech Enthusiasts

B.Tech is a great opportunity for tech enthusiasts to develop expertise in the latest specializations that can quench their thirst of becoming an authority in advanced technological innovations. Students are so ambitious nowadays as they are exposed to some subject areas that might not have been possible without the invention of the internet and its allies. 

They try to experiment and bring innovations from the very grass root level and our education system is also designed to investigate the curiosity aspect of an individual. The more curious a being is towards a particular concept, the more knowledge is demanded from the masters of that domain. B. tech is an advanced program designed to gratify the needs of those curious personalities. 

You can research the requirements of B. Tech Admissions from the websites of specific universities worldwide. Here is a list of some popular career options that are specially crafted for tech enthusiast: 

  1. Robotics: Robotics is the next big thing and if you want to be a part of it, then you need to gear up as soon as possible. It is a combination of engineering and information technology to develop concepts that can assist humans in their day-to-day life. Designing machines to ease the burden on the human workforce is the main criteria of robotics. It creates a link between nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, computer science, mechatronics, bioengineering, electronics, and many other interdisciplinary subject areas.

  2. Ethical Hacking: One cannot deny the power of hacking, be it positively or negatively. The world demands more ethical hackers to safeguard their data by incorporating diverse techniques and tools to look for potential vulnerabilities in the system. Experts in this domain are among the highest paid professionals in the world.

  3. Embedded Technology: Almost all organisations worldwide are finding ways of developing tools that are specifically designed to cater to their business needs. This technology is relevant to the systems that are being operated in diverse industries as they provide real-time access to all the data that is being collected from different sources. You can expect to find a perfect job role in this domain.

  4. Artificial Intelligence: Can you find a single firm that is not employing the diverse aspects of artificial intelligence in their operative methods. Long gone are the days when artificial intelligence was considered a thing of the future. Business owners are focusing entirely on incorporating this concept in their operative methods to increase efficiency as well as the revenue on the investments made. Try focusing on this specialization as the world is going to demand more experts in this subject area.

Protocol testing, VLSI, digital marketing, data science, machine designing, block-chain, and automotive technology are the latest specializations incorporated into the B. Tech program. The world is advancing at a rapid rate and so are the specializations in the tech world. If you are interested in pursuing a B. tech program, then you must consider all the specializations to visualize a career in this domain.

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