As soon as Composite Decking was Introduced

As soon as composite decking was introduced, it gained influence in no time and over the past few decades or so, the popularity of composite decking has increased a lot, waging new question for the deck consumers and its industry.  

Every future consumer is now wondering whether to go with composite or wood decking. However, both have pros and cons including durability, maintenance, lifespan, cost but overall composite decking is winning the race. Still, many people are supporting wooden decks for some reasons and this debate will go on for some time without declaring the winner. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both and clear the blur and you be the judge and decide which one to buy. 

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Now let’s get to the main topic. 

Composite Decking

Why composite decking is a better choice? For newbies, composite decking is the best choice because they are nearly maintenance-free. You are not required to do sanding or staining on your decking. They require cleaning but not too often, semi-annual cleaning is enough, which is done by using a soapy water mixture with a soft bristle brush or low power washer. 

Maintenance & Durability

Composite decking is well known for its durability and the material they are made of are made to last longer because the material tends to resist stain and can cope up with well to harsh weathers. Also, they tend to look natural and natural wear and tear last long up to 50 years. On the other hand, the natural wood decks can only sustain for a maximum of 30 years and will need repair. Composite won’t require any splinter, rot or be a victim of insect damage. 

In addition to it, most of the composite decks have UV resistance built-in to eliminate the factors that cause fading or lighten the brightness of the deck which often happens with wood deck over time. In case, if you may see any colour fading over time due to direct sunlight exposure, you can make it look new again by just painting it. Many people that don’t have much idea do not realize that staining or painting composite is possible but it’s doable which can ultimately enhance the overall beauty of your deck over time, making it look new. 

The Cost

Most of the people are concerned with the pricing. People tend to like composite decking over wood decking but the price seems to be much higher which make people go for wooden decking. Arguably, the price is the only drawback for composite. Recent prices show that for per square, you have to invest $30-$50 per square foot for installation and the cost may look very high if you compare it with the wood decking. Overall, the cost is only a first-time investment and if you consider the other benefits like the low maintenance and durability and the life span of composite decking, the cost can offset easily overtime of composite decking which means that you are going to save your money on different things like the maintenance. 

Wood Decking

Before composite decking, originally only wood was used as decking material and decks were made using wood for ages, so this material proved itself too in the eyes of manufacturers and the consumers. When we consider wooden decking, it has its pros and cons. The biggest pros are that these type of decks are economical, long-lasting and come in different types like pressure-treated yellow pine which is cheaper and higher quality like cedar and redwood are also some of the types of wood used. 

Maintenance & Durability

Some people like to have a vintage look. While composite decking seems to look more like wood decking but still some people want to achieve greater authenticity of actual wood. However, composite decking is far more susceptible to maintenance cost and time effort. Most of the wood made decks require full maintenance after some span of time like sanding, staining, painting, cleaning and sealing after every two to five years is a must. If for some reasons, these are left untreated, these decks may fade and eventually rot.

Wood decks need to have high maintenance because they tend to attract a lot of insects that can rot the decks in no time and they are known to splinter or wrap because of the normal wear and tear from the use. This mostly occurs in pressure treated wood decks. However, if you try to manage your deck properly, on average, they can last up to 20 years or maybe more. Still, they need to be replaced after 20 years or so which is not the case with the composite decking with lower maintenances. 


Natural wood deck is a great alternative if you are on a tight budget and a composite deck is way too heavy on your wallet. The minimum to a maximum cost of wood deck per square is around $15-$30 respectively and the minimum of the composite is around $30 which is quite out of budget. Even the highest quality wood like redwood still comes at lesser prices than the lowest price of the composite decking.

Composite or Pressure-Treated Wood Decking- the conclusion

At the end of the debate, whether you choose the wood or the composite deck, totally depends on your preferences. If you want to have a great authentic look and time and money wasted on extra care doesn’t bother you, so you should go for the wooden decking. but if you want a decking that doesn’t require much effort and maintenance from your side, then your best option is to invest one time and go for the composite decking. The choice is up to you and should go for the one that suits you the most. 

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