Aroma Oils: 3 Scents You’ll Be Sure To Love

Did you know that the essential oils market will reach over 14 billion dollars by 2026? More and more people are discovering the benefits of aroma therapy oils and how they can help with everyday problems.

Have you ever thought about some of the most popular essential oils and how they can help you? Here are three aroma oils to try that will enhance your experience.


Lavender is one of the best oils to use in an aroma oil diffuser in your bedroom. This is because lavender is known for its intense calming effects.

If you experience anxiety, then you may benefit from lavender essential oil. Use your scent diffusers when you try to go to sleep at night to reap the full advantages of this diverse essential oil.

Lavender has also been shown to help ease the symptoms of headaches. For people with chronic migraines, lavender may be a better solution, rather than relying on pharmaceuticals.

You do not have to use sleeping pills in order to help your insomnia or sleep disorder. You can try a lavender spritz on your pillow at night or run an aroma oil diffuser so that you can fall asleep.


If you think you do not know the smell of frankincense, it may be familiar around the holiday season. However, you do not need to celebrate yuletide or Christmas in order to enjoy the benefits of frankincense.

For people with lots of tooth and mouth issues, frankincense can be a lifesaver if you cannot get to the dentist. It can help treat toothaches, cavities, and even mouth sores.

When you use a carrier oil, you can utilize frankincense to help with joint pain or arthritis. Since this oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can do wonders for inflammation from autoimmune disorders.


Need a quick remedy for nausea and vomiting? Look no further than peppermint oil, which can help alleviate your symptoms with a quick sniff.

For those who suffer from conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, peppermint aroma therapy oils can be a lifesaver. Make sure that you get oils that can be ingested and check with your doctor before consuming anything to treat gut problems.

If you constantly feel under the weather, you may benefit from scent diffusers that dispense peppermint throughout your home. Sites like have a wide variety of products that will fit any needs for an aroma oil diffuser.

These Aroma Oils Today

Whether you are new to essential oils or you simply want to upgrade your experience, you should definitely try to have a variety of scents on hand. With this guide, you can try these new aroma oils and incorporate them into every aspect of your life.

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