Are You Looking for Quality Photo Presets? This App Solves that Problem

Michael Mattera (@witness) is a world-renowned photographer who wanted to create an affordable and simple way to apply premium quality presets to photographs. This inspired Witness to develop a mobile app called Wonder Creations

Along with partner Matthew Squillace (@squa), the duo created an app which helps iPhone users edit their photographs without much hassle. There are lots of commercial quality presets on the app that can be applied to photographs through the proprietary photo-editing technology that works on the backend. Users no longer need to purchase expensive photo editing software and presets. They can just use this app to edit their photos and be done quickly. 

In case you didn’t know, presets are basically predetermined settings and filters for a piece of photo editing software. They are meant to enhance the quality of the photo in a certain way, whether it is to make it more colorful, vibrant, crisp, or whatever effect the photographer wants for their photos. 

Traditionally, photo presets were synonymous with the popular photo editing software called Adobe Lightroom. This is cloud-based software which requires users to pay a monthly subscription in order to use it. On top of that, users need to purchase extra presets for it that are sold by other photographers. Since the average iPhone user is not interested in paying all this money just to edit their photos, this inspired Witness and company to come up with a better solution for them. That is what led to the birth of the Wonder Creations app. 

There are a variety of options on the app to make the editing experience simple and easy. You can organize your photos by grouping them into different categorized collections. And before you apply a preset to a photograph, you can preview how it will look first before it is permanently saved. These presets can be applied with just one tap of the screen. You can edit your photos for a special occasion or theme, such as sunsets, self-portraits, cityscapes, and much more.  

There is no middleman to deal with when you use the Wonder Creations app. All the presets for sale are sold directly by the company at a fraction of what competitors would charge. This means there are never any third-party presets being sold at outrageous prices. Witness and his partner produce all the presets available for sale through their app. Their main goal is to help all photographers produce the very best photos. These photographers could be millennials, social media users, influencers, professional content creators and anyone else with an interest in photography. 

Now that the app is finally released in the Apple app store, Witness is continuing to develop new and affordable presets for it. Users will have a plethora of preset choices available to them. You do not need any previous editing skills to use this app either. It is as simple as browsing through a catalog and tapping a few buttons. If you can do that, then this app will work for all your digital photo editing needs.

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