Are Bookkeepers And Certified Public Accountants The Same?

In challenging times, like the one we are facing nowadays, it has become important for businesses of all sizes to hire an accountant. Hiring an accountant has become a necessity because of the constant financial ups and downs. For most business owners, it’s a challenge for them to keep up with the demands of their business, and keeping up with the finances. To combat this, businesses should consider the help of a certified public accountant. A certified accountant will be able to manage your business finances and take the stress off from your shoulders. 

However, before hiring a certified accountant, most people find it difficult to choose from an accountant and a bookkeeper

The Difference between a Bookkeeper and a Public Accountant

Before you hire one, here’s what you should know about these two professionals.

A Bookkeeper

The job of a bookkeeper is to record all the transactions of a business. They make it easier for business owners to track budgets, create financial projections, and prepare taxes. Hiring an accountant certified bookkeeper saves many hours of a business and allows easy tracking of finances. In simpler terms, the primary function of a bookkeeper is to help with data entry. These professionals need to have software skills, financial skills, and be good with big numbers. In contrast to a certified accountant such as an Interface Accountancy expert, a bookkeeper doesn’t require a license. A bookkeeper can also help with other areas like payroll tax filings and sales tax.

A Certified Accountant

Compared to a bookkeeper, a certified public accountant is one step higher. They hold an undergraduate degree, if not higher. They also have in-depth knowledge of the rules of accounting for businesses of all sizes. These accountants also focus on the financial elements of businesses. They focus on financial management, including creating financial statements, analysing business income, expenses, and managing business assets and liabilities to help with budget forecasts for the year. 

A certified accountant is a professional who fulfils all requirements to earn a license. They pass the CPA examination, which is a complete assessment of their accounting skills and knowledge. They have to keep up with state tax laws and accounting rules. Also, they have to keep up with continuing education to stay up to date with the changing trends in this field. CPAs must follow the highest standards of ethics, independence, and integrity. In shorter terms, public accountants are qualified experts who understand all the financial aspects of any business. 

Certified Accountants are Financial Experts

Hiring a certified accountant is the best shot for you, especially if you want someone armed with the foresight and knowledge to forecast good strategies for your business. They encourage risk and share their vast knowledge of business planning. With a certified public accountant by your side, you can sit back knowing that your finances are in safe hands. They can establish a consistent cycle of success. The role of a CPA is to take your business through all the challenges that come its way. 

Before you hire an accountant certified, it is worth it to know the difference between the two. Keeping in mind the details mentioned in this post, you will be able to distinguish between these professionals. As you decide you hire either one, you should choose one based on recommendations. You can ask your family, friends, or search over the internet for the best one. Evaluate the packages or the fee the two offer, their services, then choose one accordingly. Before finalising one, you should also feel free to ask them any questions you have in mind.

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