A Descriptive Guide About Venice For First Time Visitors

The travelers who love to visit a new place, then Venice, are the right option for your holiday. Venice id a wonderful place, and there are various modes and places to travel. Here are some of the tips for first-time visitors to travel to Venice that everyone must follow.

  1. Visiting Venice by plane: The closest airports to Venice are Marco Polo and Treviso.
  • Treviso airport is considered a more economical one. It is located farther from Venice, and the aircraft’s parking is cheaper here. That is why in Treviso land, Ryanair’s and other discounters’ liners are ready to bring you here from the same type of budget airports of Berlin, Paris, or London for only a €20 charge.
  • Marco Polo airport is situated at the very edge of the continent, only 8 km far from Venice. Here arrive aircraft of Lufthansa, Finnair, Aeroflot, KLM, and other airlines selling tickets at €250 ad infinitum. If you want cheap flight tickets, then visits the Delta Airlines Reservations site to save your money.
  • By some unknown circumstances, this respectable list is not complete without a discount airline. Its yellow planes arrive at Marco Polo every day from Cologne (Germany). And a ticket to these very ones will cost you some €30.
  1. Eating out in Venice: Venice is the most romantic city globally, and people come here to enjoy life in full measure. You can expect Venice inimitable cuisine and irreproachable service.
  • Venice doesn’t have that diversity of food you would find in New York, Moscow, and other world’s greatest cities. Most restaurants in Venice remind each other like twin-brothers. Odd furniture, prices on an average of 10 – 15 euros for a dish, and the same menus: pasta, pizza, ravioli, tomatoes with mozzarella (Caprese as they put it), and a so-called “tourist’s menu” – a discount set-price lunch that includes nothing interesting.
  • A set-price lunch in Venice: In Venice, you can get a delicious hearty dinner only in several restaurants remote from the center. Go to Castello, to Cannareggio, because you would hardly find a tolerable place at San Marco.
  • You can have a quick and inexpensive snack in one of Venice’s numerous sandwich-bars where they sell Italian sandwiches – panini – made of fresh bread, tomatoes, mozzarella, summer sausage, and other fillings. There are sandwich-bars at every turn, but people eat here mostly standing – if you sit, your sandwich will immediately be doubled in price. These are the rules.
  • The limited choice offered by Venetian cuisine makes you give a new look to the so-called fast-food restaurants. There are several MacDonald’s, a Burger King, and an Italian fast-food Spizzico. A tourist can always feel comfortable in such places: here you find the same rules as in all world’s fast-foods and the food is still predictable.
  1. Top Attractions In Venice: A person that understands Venice’s soul would consider any piece of this mysterious city beautiful and worthy of being put onto the cover of a guide-book. Be it a gala square, a small church, a souvenir shop, or a narrow Venetian street. Venice doesn’t have ugly dormitory areas. It is entirely a work of art. Nevertheless, the administration manages to single out free-standing sights. It is done to overprice neighboring hotels and restaurants.
  • Doges Palace: Doge’s Palace is called Palazzo Ducale in Italian (in both words, the second syllable is stressed). It is genuinely an enigmatical building that keeps medieval mysteries and legends.
  • San Marco Square: Only a lazy guide-book about Italy doesn’t quote a sentence said once by Napoleon: “San Marco is Europe’s most elegant salon.” San Marco Square looks very much like a salon of high society.
  • Rialto Bridge – Ponte Rialto: If you are lost in Venice, and suddenly you see this silhouette – then it’s all set, you are in the center.
  1. Transportation In Venice: There are neither cars nor busses in Venice. People here only go on foot or Venice Boat Tours.. People here only go on foot or water. Big passenger launches – Vaporetto – play a part in public transport. They have license plates, routs, and unified tickets. Private motorboats are taxis. Suppose you have an emergency need to get to the opposite bank of Canale Grande, use gondola-traghetto. Classical Venice gondola is a narrow black boat for romantic rows around Venice for 70 euros per hour. All in all, get ready to have comfortable shoes and money.
  • Gondola Traghetto: If you have an emergency, need to get to the opposite bank of Canale Grande, and there is no sight of a bridge anywhere, don’t panic.
  • Vaporetto: In many cities of the world, such ships are used for romantic water excursions. Venice is only public transport – a usual city bus with routs, crowds, stops, and unified tickets.
  • Venice Gondola – Gondola Di Venezia: Gondola is a symbol of Venice just as Rialto Bridge, the winged lion, or San Marco Square are. Venice’s Gondola is a beautiful and unique place for art and culture.
  1. List of Top Restaurants In Venice:
  • Muro: If you found this place once, follow my advice – don’t you ever go anywhere else. The location is best for dinner.
  • Rosticceria Gilson: At Rosticceria Gilson, bistro dishes are heated in the microwave in your presence. But it is a better place to eat at than any neighboring restaurants where they would do the same but without revealing.
  • Al Profeta: A cozy inner yard, wax cloths on the tables, mosquitoes, wine. The only thing missing to build harmony is the grapevine. There isn’t one here. Yet there is an apricot tree.
  • Naranzaria: The Grand Canal, with its ancient palazzos, is considered the main and the most beautiful street in Venice. But it is just not real to have dinner on its bank for the houses grow right out of the water, the road having no barrier at all.
  • Alla Rivetta: They may cook honestly here, but all the entourage, dishes, service remind you of summer vacations at your grandma’s. However, the personnel here are mostly grandpas, aged waiters wearing trim white shirts.
  • Mensa: University Ca’Foscari students wouldn’t survive in such an expensive city if it weren’t for some secret places to get a meal for a song.

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