A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Transportation with Custom Boxes

A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Transportation with Custom Boxes

You may have found we have not been using “cardboard” as yet. That’s just due to a reason a lot of users call a cardboard package is a corrugated chipboard packing container. So what is the distinction? Defined By our professional engineers at Fast Custom Boxes.


Cardboard is often a solitary-layer, hard paper material. It is fine for many things — such as a package of beverage, generally constructed of cardboard. But that isn’t generally utilized as shipment packages.

Corrugated Hardboard:

Corrugated hardboard is a stiffer version. This stronger quality of the panel is created by getting a chunk of wood fibers with several small bends in it, named the medium, placing it among two plain chipboard plates, and applying pressure to all 3 plates tightly. Such a multiple layer structure enables the corrugated sheet quite robust than cardboard but also makes them appropriate for the transportation of bulky products of all types.

Why Corrugated Packages Are Good for Shipment?

The corrugated packaging business is worth $310 billion, no coincidence. The various benefits of corrugated packaging boxes enabled them a global standard of the storage of goods and shipping sectors. These benefits include:

  • Extremely cost-effective thus protecting your products.
  • Reliable enough to survive difficult handling in transportation.
  • Preserve products internally by preventing and absorbing humidity.
  • Multiple various kinds and installations, even double-walled variants.
  • Reusable and eco-friendlier than plastics.
  • Fast sealing with packing tape and adhesives.
  • Custom-made and printed at a decent rate.

Owing to these incentives, users will find anything they might think to deliver in corrugated packages — from fruit and vegetables to medical equipment, and toys. And what for the other challenging delivery requirements, like dangerous chemicals? You could be shocked how excellently-corrugated packages work under such challenging circumstances.

There are 5 essential protection tips for companies when they are packing products for shipment and managing:

1) Place Your Products at a Distance 

It’s a best practice to place your packaging items at a distance in corrugated packages. As these boxes are best for outer protection. Vibrations or Jerks in delivery could cause the self-collision of your products and cause a big loss. Custom Corrugated boxes can be customized by adding separations and safety pads to keep items like breakable glass bottles at a distance from each other.   

2) Never Compromise On Board Thickness

Most of the people keep the thickness of walls low to minimize their packaging cost. It’s not good for shipment boxes as these boxes are responsible to deliver multiple numbers of products.

  • If you required these packages to store products then you could reduce the thickness of the walls. 
  • But it is recommended to compress at least 5 layers together to make a thick corrugated sheet. 
  • So that you could make your packaging boxes durable and sturdy enough to guarantee you a safe journey to your client’s location. 

One Thing that’s Special for you is that the increase in wall’s thickness would not lead your custom boxes to increase their weight individually. Unlike Plastic boxes, these boxes would be light in weight even with thick walls. Ultimately reduce your shipment coast and increase your level of safety.  

3) Shock Resistant Cushions 

If you’ve already seen shipping peanuts as well as foam-based frameworks in any box you’ve opened, you’ve encountered this explanation practically before. These substances keep the items braced in the container and shield it from unexpected shakes. They even remain robust to the load of the component, maintaining its structure, and not compacting over time.

Such substances are particularly helpful in packaging multiple items. Use Cushions to keep 2 inches gap in every object and keep them away from every wall of packages could keep the items are shielded from the self-collision and outside influences which might occur.

4) Climate and Impurity-Resistant Materials

If your product is delivered through a pathway that variations in climate, moisture, or pressure, the exterior casing, padded substances, or the item itself may experience any adverse effects. Padding can lose durability, and the product can degradation.

This idea also extends to organizations regularly obtaining these products. You need to develop a particular methodology to evaluate and examine typical packaging pollutants to prevent exposing them throughout your plant. This includes testing by trained and accredited suppliers while incorporating protective precautions to avoid environmental pollutants.

These cardboard packages also keep their composition safe mostly in high temperatures and contaminations. They are least reactive than plastics under high temperatures. But one thing you have to take care of is to keep them safe from water or rain. As these packages absorb water and lose their strength.

5) Evade Packages from Extra Labels

If you’re bringing something that can be hazardous to the people who receive and handle it, they have to identify what is in that package as well as how to treat it. This would be challenging if you have several labels printed on your package simultaneously. To make that whole phase simpler and better for the user, have one or two labels dictating what they have to remember.

If you’ve any extra packages inside the kit, these boxes can have one name. Just put down the protection and management details that the receiver should understand, nothing more than that.


Although using appropriate packing materials is just half part of the entire battle. The remaining half includes incorporating protective measures to guarantee compliance with safety requirements when being controlled by forces outside your influence. Fast Custom Boxes gave you a complete guide on what type of packaging material is good for your delivery packages and how you could increase the level of protection of these custom boxes. In the longer term, having extra care of the strategy for the safety of custom boxes would save your time as well as money that you would be wasted in case of product breakage while delivery.

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