A Brief Guide For Parents To Know About TikTok

TikTok is a video streaming social media application that is popular all over the world. There is no surprise that TikTok is gaining more traction among the people with so many applications. It is more popular because it allows users to watch, create, and share content easily. TikTok is the most fun, creative, and entertainment venue for today’s Gen Zs. If you want to make your content go viral on the platform, you can explore the ‘For You Page’ and discover various trending content, sounds, etc. If you are trying to improve your reach on TikTok, try to buy tiktok fans and upgrade your recognition organically. Thus, users can utilize the soundtrack of the top hits, viral dances, and more right from the application.

With the effective utilization of intriguing video-editing features, users can create content that goes viral on the platform. Even though TikTok is an exciting platform to create, watch and share the content, parents should care for their children by ensuring that they use it safely and responsibly. Are you concerned about your children or how they are using the application? If yes, head on to this article to know the exact safety features of TikTok.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social networking application popular for lip-synching to popular songs and dances. Users can get inspiration from the vast array of topics, styles, and songs from the ‘For You Page’ and create content related to their business. Create content relevant to the current events, memes, and challenges and let the potential hashtags group is to help users quickly discover the content.

How Does TikTok Work?

Once you have downloaded the application, sign up with an email address, phone number, or other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Search for popular categories, creators, and hashtags to discover videos if you have logged in. You can best expand the network by using your phone contacts or other social media followers. Many children love to use TikTok to create and share content on the platform. They mostly use the app to watch humorous and entertaining content.

Is TikTok Safe For Kids?

Are you prioritizing your kid’s safety while using TikTok? Then, for a kid-friendly experience, supervise the safety settings. TikTok is more famous for its endless entertainment content. Still, there is some objectionable content on the platform, like ‘porn.’ Parents should ensure to restrict the age-inappropriate content for kids. Therefore, TikTok will be a rewarding experience for the kids, and they can potentially utilize the platform. By watching how-to guide them, they can learn more about the products or services. It means there are plenty of business opportunities on the platform, and with the strategic plan, businesses can build an immense presence on the platform.

What Age Does TikTok Recommend For?

It is suggested to use TikTok for the age groups 15+ because of the mature content and privacy issues. To get a full TikTok user experience, the users should be more than 13 years old. However, there is a way for children to use the application. Users below 18 should get approval from their parents or guardians. If you are a parent, you have to look over the additional safety and privacy features and protect your children from watching the misleading content on the platform.

TikViral: TikTok Parental Controls

TikTok offers parental control options for kids to set the time limits and content filters on their mobile phones. As a parent, make sure to protect the settings with a password and use the Family Pairing feature. If you want to filter content and enable screen limits on your children’s phone, go to your kid’s account and click the three dots at the upper right of the user’s profile. After that, choose ‘Digital Wellbeing’ and focus on the features you need to enable.

  • Screen Time Management: The setting limits users to using the app maximum of two hours per day, but there is an option to restrict it to 40 minutes. Select a passcode and lock the setting if you enable it on your kid’s phone.
  • Restricted Mode: Once enabling the filter on, it blocks mature content. Also, you can lock the setting with a password.

If to set the Family Pairing, check the above settings and safety and privacy. First, download and install TikTok and keep your children’s phone and their login handy.

  • Family Pairing: On both of you and your kid’s phone, click the three dots next to the user profile, then click Family Pairing and synchronize your account using the QR code with your kid’s phone.

Wrapping It Up

I hope this guide is informative for you to ensure your kid’s safety. You can best check out additional resources and focus on the tricky things to stay safe in this online world. Enable the basic Privacy setting to effectively safeguard your children, preserve children’s well-being, and encourage creativity.

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