We know that trends tend to be temporary and that fashion can change – a lot! But as with everything in life, some things never change, and one of them for sure is the (almost) obligation to have a denim jacket in the closet.

Not only for all the style it carries, but also for being a wild piece that fits perfectly into any outfit, regardless of mood or season. Still not convinced? So let these 9 looks prove to you the versatility of the denim jacket.

With Denim Shorts

High temperatures in sight, we already keep those denim shorts ready. But it’s always good to remember that, without any prior notice, in the middle of the walk in the park, a frosty wind can catch us by surprise – and unprepared. To prevent this from happening, the valuable tip is to have a denim jacket with you – especially if it is paired with shorts, the fashionista result is accurate!

With Midi Skirt

It’s Saturday, are you going out at night to a bar, mall or cinema and, despite the heat, you have to think about the air conditioning in the room? We have the perfect recipe! Bet on that very muse slit midi skirt, combine it with a blouse that has similar shades to the skirt and, of course, to close it, complement it with a short-sleeved denim jacket to ensure you’re comfortable in any temperature!

With Mini Skirt

With a mini skirt and an ultra-cool t-shirt, the denim jacket is also a perfect ally. To keep the mood relaxed, the bomber model is the ideal option – even more so because we know it’s totally on the rise! After that, just complete with the shoes you prefer and go out to rock wherever you go!

Jacket with Jeans

A whole outfit of wildcards can’t go wrong, right? On days of fashion laziness, choose an uncomplicated but still very stylish option. Like? It’s simple: wear your darling jeans, pair them with a t-shirt – which may or may not have the same tone –, choose sneakers to give it an even more comfy & cool touch, and finish it off with a denim parka to give the final touch.

Denim Jacket with bib

That the denim bibs à la 90s are booming in street style you probably already know, but what many people do not think is that the piece can be the perfect union with a jacket model also in denim. With a t-shirt or even a basic t-shirt underneath, the result is amazing – in addition to being super practical!

All Jeans

You can already see that denim jackets are great third pieces in the most diverse looks, right? Yes, but they are not necessarily add-ons. The piece is so versatile that it can even be used as a shirt! That’s right, just close the buttons, put on those jeans you love and that’s it, you’ll have a beautiful all denim and mega easy to compose.

Men’s Jackets

As it couldn’t be different, in addition to being great allies to women’s looks, denim jackets also come in weight and with a lot of style in men’s compositions. And following the all-denim line, how about a shirt and parka overlay on the fabric? The tip is to invest in similar tones and use the darker jacket to ensure contrast.

Denim jacket with jeans

Don’t want to wear everything in jeans, but like the same color vibe? All good! Bet on a light blue t-shirt to give it a cool touch and coordinate with men’s pants and jacket in denim with the same shades. To complete the contrast, it is worth using a sneaker that matches the shirt!

Denim parka

If you’re more minimalist and want to stick to classic black and white, know that it’s also a great choice. A basic black t-shirt can make the perfect outfit for any occasion with the pants and parka in darker jeans. And since we’re talking about classics, there’s nothing better than a white sneaker – which is also a must have in the closet – to finish off the look!

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