8 Ways to Become a Brilliant Teacher

Indeed,teaching is the noblest and most respectful profession ever. Many people regard teachers are the primary building blocks of a prosperous society. It takes a lot of diligence, motivation, and courage to choose teaching as a career. Anybody can become an ordinary teacher, but a good teacher is passionate about spreading knowledge and developing future generations. After the nurturing from parents, teachers are the only ones on whom any student’s future depends. For successful teaching and learning, there should be a healthy relationship between teachers and students. Being a teacher, you have to groom your students for their personal and professional development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world witnessed various examples where teachers did everything to teach kids who could not attend school. They learned to manage online teaching tools, worked beyond conventional settings, and went the extra mile for the sake of educating their students.

Therefore, becoming a teacher is not as convenient and manageable as it seems. There are several academic steps, experiential learning, and skills to adapt to become a proper teacher. There might be many questions popping up in your head regarding becoming a brilliant teacher, like how to manage students? How to teach? What teaching strategies to adopt? How to deal with students? And how long does it take to become a teacher? Well, keep reading ahead,and you will find some of the best ways to become a brilliant teacher.

  1. Be Passionate About your Profession

If you have chosen teaching as a profession, you have probably discoveredsome passion for it. A brilliant teacher does not enter the education sector only to make a living but has a purpose of serving others with knowledge and assisting them. As a teacher, thousands of lives and future careers are in your hands. Show your passion and give your best in it.

You are the one deciding the worth of your profession, so always respect it. When you appreciate your work, you will be rewarded back with a great deal of recognition.

  1. Choose a Subject You Are Interested In 

Rather than showing your teaching skills in every subject, it is better to stick to a subject that you find most interesting. It helps teachers to focuson their profession and can open research arenas as well. If you are sure enough to manage more than one subject without risking your students’ future, then opt for it. Otherwise, sticking to specialization will turn out to be beneficial for you and your students. Being a teacher, you must teach your students everything you know in the best possible ways.

  1. Choose the Suitable Teaching Methodology

Choosing the best teaching method can be tricky in a classroom where students have different learning needs. You have to be very active and keen in this regard. Go for the methodologies that can cover the whole class. Keep observing the attitudes of students during the lesson. If you feel students are distracting from the study, change or modify the teaching methodology. Never give students a chance to lose interest in the topic, and be smart enough to know when to shift to other strategies.

  1. Try to Understand Your Students

Knowing about all the students could be way more complicated than you think. In a classroom, there are students with different natures and personalities. Some might engage and participate themselves, but some might not. Here you have to play a prominent role. Observe the students who participate less and who are weak in their studies. Go to them, try to figure out their issues, give tips, talk to them with a good tone, appreciate them in front of everyone for their performance, and encourage them.

Make sure not to scold any of the students in front of the whole class. Always discuss the issues or weaknesses separately in one on one meetingsand appreciate publically for their progress. It will help build your students’ trust in you, and they will be more comfortable.

  1. Make Your Classroom Surrounding Attractive

Words “School,” “classroom,” or “teachers” are negatively connoted by many students just because they do not enjoy the classroom environment or the behavior of their teachers. To make students comfortable, a teacher must make a classroom attractive. Place colorful charts, maps, or paintings on the walls. Decorate the board and windows with various props. Try to put some common daily words and their meanings, poems, small phrases, tables, geometrical shapes, counting, riddles, and much more. The best way is to engage your students in transforming the class and selecting the things they like the most. It will help students to own their classroom, and they will love to attend school every day.

  1. Try To Build a Student-Centered Classroom 

Teaching is never a one-way process. It needs interaction from both sides. Try to make your classroom more student-centered instead of more teacher-centered. A teacher is only an instructor and guider in a school, but students should always take the central part. A teacher should make their students participate in classroom activities, encourage them, and ask them to read, explain, and discuss the topic.

  1. Make a Lesson Plan before the Class

Never go to take a lecture without making your lesson plan. Always plan everything according to the time slot. Decide lecture duration, interactive sessions time, and question and answer duration. Make sure to add more time for interactive activities.

  1. Make Teaching Fun by Incorporating Implicit Learning Style

A teacher should go for implicit learning strategies that make students learn through indirect ways rather than directly learning from the books. Be sure not to set a robotic context in a classroom because it becomes boring. Bring new learning activities like audios, videos, presentations, speeches, picture strip stories, group discussions, competitions panel discussions, debates, question and answer sessions. Give your students free will to speak about their views and opinions. It will enable students to boost confidence.


Along with all the ways mentioned above to become a good teacher, it is also necessary to take a practice session or experience before teaching. Take your teaching license and become eligible to teach with the core of your heart.Teaching is neither an easy nor a challenging profession. Just follow the principle of being honest and sincere while transferring knowledge and providing your assistance to others.

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