6 Reasons College Students Need Side Hustles

College can be the best time of a young person’s life. College is where you find out what you are passionate about is where you meet some of your lifelong friends. While college brings a lot of good things, it does not bring a paycheck. Many college students take on the responsibility of having a part-time job but working around a busy class schedule can be a challenge. Getting a side hustle is the perfect way for college students to gain experience and make a little extra cash to help pay for their everyday expenses. Here are a few reasons why college students need a side hustle. 

To Get the Experience

Okay, I am sure you have heard from college graduates that they can’t find a job because they don’t have any work experience. After college, getting a job can be difficult, especially if you have never worked before. Getting a side hustle while in college will help you get the much-needed experience to get that dream job after graduation. The good things about a side hustle would be that they can be flexible, so if you are a college student that hasn’t gotten a job because of a busy class schedule, a side hustle is the perfect chance to get the experience that you need. Some great side hustle ideas that won’t cut into your class schedule would be tutoring, selling your homemade items online, selling your old clothes, become an influencer, become a brand ambassador, get a freelance writing job, or start driving with companies like uber and lift. There are many side hustles that will help you get the experience you need for that entry level position. 

You Want to Start a Company

Are you a college student with an awesome business idea? You may need a side hustle to help get your small business going. It does cost money to start a business and finding a side hustle may help you save up enough money to get things started. You can start building your inventory, or even start buying equipment. Side hustles can help fund your startup or at least help you with some of it. Since side hustles don’t necessarily pay that much money, you may still need small business loans to start your own business. However, having a side hustle can certainly help you quite a bit! 

Pay Off Student Debt

Imagine graduating college debt free? Sounds great, right? So, are you a college student that has racked up a large amount of student loans? Graduating with that kind of debt hanging over your shoulder is not fun. If you want to start paying off your loans while you are still in school, you need a side hustle. Side hustles are often flexible enough that you can work around your school schedule and make a decent amount to put towards your school loans. This might be a good idea too because usually your interest isn’t building until 6 months after graduation. So, the sooner you work to pay them off, the less interest you will pay in the future.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Did you get a credit card while in college? If so, that’s great that you have started building your credit! The next question, were you responsible with the credit card or did you max it out, purchasing iced coffees and trendy clothes? No judgement here, but this is another reason that you may need a side hustle. You don’t want to graduate college stressed out about paying off your credit cards. A side hustle can help you do just that. Side jobs can help pay down your credit cards faster and save on interest. Just try to remember to use that money for paying off your cards and not more shopping!

Buy a New Car

If you are a college student that is near graduation, you may be thinking about buying a new car. This is another reason that you need a side hustle. It is likely that you are still driving around in your first car and let’s be honest, it probably is not in the best of shape. You may want to buy a new car after graduation, so you aren’t pulling up to job interviews in your beat up 40-year-old car. How embarrassing! A side hustle can help you make just enough for that new car payment and you will get to drive around to all those job interviews in style. 

Pay for Your Expensive Habits

Are you a college student addicted to your iced lattes and eating out with friends? You may need a side job to offset your spending habits. Getting a side hustle to cover your extra expenses is a lot better than just racking up a credit card bill that you will eventually have a hard time paying off. Side hustles are great for making money for extra spending. Since side hustles are flexible, you can even choose to work odd jobs a few times a month. They do say “work hard, play hard”, right? 

Side hustles are overall a great way to make a little extra cash on the side. Whatever your reason is for having a side hustle, you can work around your busy college schedule and you wouldn’t have to give that much free time up to put a little extra in the bank.  

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