6 Best Ways to Stay Cool Without Your Air Conditioner

A Texas heatwave isn’t fun If you’ve turned your AC to 80 degrees due to an Peak Event, it can be a challenge. Forecasts for the weather show that we’ll be experiencing hot temperatures for the remainder months. If you’re looking for ways to keep cool without breaking the bank Here are some suggestions you can try during the next heat wave without using only your air conditioner.

  • Open the Windows

Make sure that the air is flowing through your home with natural breeze. The windows should be opened that are on opposite sides of the room to create the cross-wind.

  • Close the Blinds

A glimmering sun beaming through any room can dramatically raise the temperature. Shut the curtains and blinds as much as you can in order to block sunlight, but not hinder the flow of air through the windows. If you block as much sunlight that you block the better. The cooler it’ll stay.

  • Limit Your Activity

Moving about your house uses electricity, and generates heat. Don’t work yourself too hard! As the sun rises to its highest attempt to stay as still as you can. Consider yourself an Texas spiny lizard and you’ll be in the right direction.

  • Stay Hydrated

In this scorching heat there’s a chance that you’ll sweat, no matter what therefore, make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Drinking a glass of cold water is not just a way to replenish the fluids lost in sweat, but it will also help to cool down. Make sure to choose water over other drinks like coffee, tea or soda.

  • Battery-Powered Fans

Relax by buying two batteries-powered fans that you are able to move around your home. These fans aren’t expensive and can be extremely useful during the busiest times of the day.

  • Get Out of the House

If you’re unable to bear the heat in your house, go elsewhere. Your air conditioner could be set at 80 degrees however there are many other locations in which you can find cool temperatures. Make this an occasion to get your grocery shopping completed. You can also buy items for your children’s school or start planning your Christmas shopping. Just thinking about the season of giving can make you feel more relaxed within a matter of minutes.

As the Texas heat isn’t going to go away soon, we’d like to see these suggestions will help you understand how to keep cool and not overloading your air conditioner in the scorching heat of August.

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