5 Ways a Simple Water Bottle can Benefit your Business

Marketing in businesses is as competitive as the market is. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to get ahead of their competition, and make a name for themselves as they continue to grow in their own industry.

Whether you manage a business to business, or a business to consumer type of company, you still need marketing for brand awareness so you can drive more sales into the business. Brand awareness is increasingly important as companies compete head to head for the top spot in the industry.

With so many marketing ideas out there, sometimes grander isn’t always better. The best solutions are the simplest ones. So here are 5 ways you can utilize a product as simple as a water bottle for the benefit of your business:

1. Personalization of your water bottles.

Personalized bottled water with your business logo and name is a great way to get your name out there, particularly if your business is just starting out. Personalized labels can be easily designed by your chosen bottled water company, and with eye-catching colors, your brand will be conspicuously seen.

Go for personalized bottled water for your business, restaurant, or even your events. Your establishment will look much more well-put together, as well as professional and serious about your line of business. Look for reputable bottled water companies that can personalize your bottles to fit your business specifications!

2.  Practical giveaways.

Bottled water is a practical giveaway option under promotional product marketing. The idea is that promoting your business using giveaway products gets potential customers to remember your brand. Customers will tend to recognize your business name based on your giveaways.

Using practical giveaway products like bottled water is a simple and effective way to ingrain your brand to your target market. People tend to remember brands that give out practical promotions better than they do brands that give out the usual pen, keychain, or trinket.

3.  Sanitary water option.

If your business deals with food, then you can serve your guests and customers with a sanitary water option in bottled water. Place your logo on the bottled water, and serve these bottles as part of your menu, or in place of table side service water that may not be as sanitary.

Plus, bottled water is convenient for servers to take and bring to customers, and you can store them in the cooler for instant refreshments without the need for ice! Food stalls and kiosks, too, would greatly benefit from their own bottled water as they typically don’t have dine-in options for customers. Bottled water presents a sanitary and alternative option to tap water!

4.  Portable, walking billboard.

A big bonus is that these water bottles act as walking billboards when customers carry them around their travels and commute. Customize your bottled water with striking colors, bold logos, and bright hues to gain the attention of passersby. You’ll find that this way of organic marketing brings in the most brand awareness to your business compared to other strategies.

The portable properties of bottled water also makes it easy for you to gain a wider reach as your consumers take their water bottles around different places. This is a similar strategy done by large corporations who sponsor bottled water for events and sport marathons, especially those that gain considerable screen time.

5.  Bottled water is customizable.

Want aluminum bottles instead of plastic? Or how about some natural spring water instead of the usual distilled water? Bottled water is fully customizable based on your specific business needs. Find a reputable company and supplier that can meet your requirements so you can proudly customize your own bottled water!

Some businesses may have concerns over the environmental impacts of plastic water bottles – and for good reason! Thankfully, bottled water companies have their concerns as well, and some provide the option to switch from plastic water bottles to aluminum water bottles that are much more sustainable, yet do everything a plastic bottle can!

Marketing made Simple

Marketing your brand doesn’t have to be overly-complicated with grand strategies and viral social media ads. Sometimes the best ways to get your brand out there are the simplest ways. Not a lot of people would consider bottled water as a marketing tool, but this everyday staple is one of the most powerful promotional tools when utilized properly.

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