5 Top Ways to Sell More Fan Merch

When you have a strong brand, create emotional responses, and come up with quality merchandise, fans will buy what you sell in droves. For instance, sports merchandise is worth more than $5.4 billion globally.

Even if you don’t run a sports franchise, there are some tips you can use to learn how to get more sales for your brand. We’re happy to steer you in the right direction when you’re interested in improving your strategies.

Keep reading to learn more about earning profits by selling more fan merch.

1. Improve the Quality and Variety of Your Fan Merch

For starters, your product needs to be A-1 top quality. You don’t want someone to buy merch from you one time – the real goal is for them to become a customer for life.

You’ll only get repeat business if you source the best materials for your merchandise, take your time with the design, and work with production teams that guarantee a quality end result.

Quality merch makes a statement and can build morale for your team for years to come. Product merchandise that people will be proud to wear or show off, and it’ll sell like hotcakes.

2. Market With Freebies

Free samples are an excellent way to sell more merch. Put together some swag bags filled with your merchandise and give them out for free.

Include your contact information in the bag so that people can place an order if they like the merch and decide they want more of it. Freebies offer a no-pressure approach that gives value on the front-end and keeps your brand on the mind of the recipient.

3. Learn Some Sound Sales Principles

It’s important that you learn sales strategies whenever you decide to sell your merch to fans. Embracing principles of selling 101 such as prospecting your customer, creating customer personas, preparing your sale, approaching the customer, and handling objections will all help you get better results.

Going into a sale blindly and hoping that your merch sells itself is a recipe for disaster. The more you know about your merch, the easier it is for you to explain it to fans and convert sales.

4. Work Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Put together some digital marketing strategies that will help you sell more merchandise. Merch marketing goes hand-in-hand with other forms of visibility, such as:

  • Content marketing in the form of blogs, vlogs, and podcasts
  • Following up with people through e-mail marketing
  • Putting social media marketing strategies to use
  • Investing in some advertising space
  • Creating infographics and other shareable pieces of information

Consult with a digital marketing firm that can help you spread the word about your merch with some sound strategies.

5. Use Bundles and Pricing Strategies

You need to always be tweaking your pricing strategies to make sure your merch keeps selling. Consider lowering prices if it’s not moving, or doing temporary discounts and promotions.

Bundles are an effective way to nudge customers to explore various types of merchandise, while also providing a discount that generates more sales.

Start Moving That Merch

Your fan merch will begin to sell when you use the strategies listed above. Whether you have a rock band, a non-profit, or a company of professionals trying to edge out the competition, these five strategies can get you started.

Use these tips and browse our other posts related to marketing and business endeavors.

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