5 Pro Tips to Begin Small Scale Manufacturing

We’re gonna be talking to you about how to start a small scale business based around products that are designed for small scale manufacturing. This means starting small without the risk of a big financial investment but at the same time being ready to scale up big if the opportunity presents itself. We would also discuss how to scale your business beyond what you can produce in your own shop.

  1. New start-ups opportunities

The first is kind of this new startup type company that seems to be developing needs a theme song new startup company this used to be developing it seems like in the past. If you’re gonna start a business you kind of fell into one of two categories you were a big company making big products and that requires a lot of money or you were kind of on the smaller table you were making handmade thing this and kind of stay a little bit of a smaller company.  There seems to be sort of a middle path developing as small-scale manufacturing is becoming more accessible to more people.

  1. Small scale manufacturing

small scale really helps you grow and scale it if your product succeeds and starts going and selling really big. You need to hire help to make more of these or outsource this outside of our shop we can do that because we know that this design works and we’ve optimized it.

  1. Product Design

It but it is very important good product design. It is the key to selling things because without the thin you can’t sell it man that’s some wise words right there while we’re designing things we try to keep two things in mind the function and the manufacturability we often design things with small-scale  manufacturing in mind. if it’s something that we want to become a product so for us that means CNC work it means 3d printing or sometimes it’s molding and casting each of these works with some types of designs and not other types of designs.

  1. Competitive advantage

Usually big companies can’t do one of those is customizable products like custom patches or come up with products that respond to trends or seasons. You can be a lot more flexible than a big company can be another way to set yourself apart from big companies is customizing.

You can start with engraving initials and dates onto the back of our ring dishes for weddings and stuff like that. It takes what literally two minutes of carving mm-hmm and it makes it so much more special and more meaningful to the people you’re selling than doing this something that big companies can do.

  1. Outsourcing

Let’s say that you have a product it’s selling really well and you can’t keep up with the demand we haven’t had one of our products go big like that. You’re selling volumes that large you can start working with local companies or overseas partners to increase the amount of product you can produce if you come to them with a proven sales record a projection for how much products they’re gonna make they’re gonna say yeah we want to do that. They’ll work with you they’ll bring down their price and they’ll make it more accessible you don’t like people coming to them saying I have an idea I don’t exist yet but it’s gonna be great they’re not gonna be interested and that’s where everything that we’ve been talking about the well-designed product with a proven track record that is able to be scaled that’s  otentially based in digital means.

So you can just send them a file and they can make the same thing that you and making the whole time you can have your standards in place you can have a quality policy and you can grow without really too much downsides. you can also take it a step further and even outsource some of the fulfillment so you can work with your manufacturing partner your packaging suppliers and have all of them send everything to a fulfillment center they ship it out for you. Above all, that allows you to spend more time working on your next product your next design and just continuing to grow.


Starting off is little hard. It takes time, hardwork, patience and downpayment. But there are hundred of entrepreneurs in the world successful because they did attempt. An attempt with right direction can make you millionair, it all depends on stratigies. We hope this pro tips and guide will help you understand the start up theory.

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