5 Most Popular Degree Choices Among Today’s Youth

In today’s highly competitive job market, making it into renowned organizations is a challenging endeavor. Every student has to go through a series of tough choices before making a stable career. And with many such decisions, they also have to make a critical decision of selecting their degree subject. While it may not seem so confusing, many students find it challenging to choose a specialization.

With the changing trends in almost every sector, this decision has become even more daunting. Therefore, to make this process easier, we have gathered some famous degree choices for today’s youth.

Let’s have a look at them.

1. Health sciences

The field of health sciences isundoubtedly one of the most important pillars of our society. If you get a degree in this field, you’ll get the chance to help people recover from illnesses. Additionally, it is a vast sector with many specialties and subfields, and you can select your profession according to your interest.

After you complete your bachelor’s in health sciences, you can specialize in different areas. For instance, if you plan to become a doctor, you will have to do a doctorate in medicine(MD). Likewise, if you’re going to practice as a dentist, you’ll need a doctorate in dental surgery (DDS).

Ultimately, health sciences will open up pathways for numerous career options. And based on your interest, intellect, and creativity, you can specialize in a specific subject and develop a successful career.

2. Social work

If you seek to serve and develop your community, you should consider getting a degree in social work. It is a fascinating, in-demand field with many career opportunities. But more importantly, it is a rewarding endeavor, and you get to mitigate the evils of society.

For your career endeavors, you need a bachelor’s degree.Afterward, you should obtain a masters in social work online to ensure career success and progression. With these academic credentials, you’ll better understand the problems plaguing our world and how to devise strategies to tackle them. Your duties can vary according to your skills and interests. Sometimes, social workers help immigrants; other times, they help children with traumatizing backgrounds. Meaning, this is a field with many career opportunities that work for the greater good. Therefore, if you possess a philanthropic streak, it might be the right pick for you.

3. Psychology

With the growing awareness of mental health, psychology is also gaining popularity among the youth. And if you want to help people heal from the inside, you should consider getting your education in this field.

But while it is a science-focused field, it is immensely versatile as well. After you complete your bachelor’s in psychology, you will get plenty of career options. You can continue in the same field and do a master’s, or you can change your domain and explore other options.

Meaning, just because you choose psychology as your major in college doesn’t mean it will close other options. On the contrary, many areas like social work accept the bachelor’s degree of psychology for further studies. Therefore, if your interest lies in mental health, but you’re unsure about your career choice, you should choose this degree.

4. Social media management

We all know that social media is the future of almost every industry, sector, and domain. No business can reach its optimum potential without utilizing the power of social media. That is why it is a wise choice to get your degree in this futuristic field. In your studies, you will learn digital marketing, content optimization, copywriting, strategic planning, etc.

If we talk about job opportunities, big firms always look for social media experts to promote their work and capture a broad audience online. Therefore, if you choose to study social media as your focus subject, you can open many career options. Not only that, but if you want to start your business, you can use your knowledge to promote your startup.

Furthermore, this degree will prepare you for the professional world. And if you want, you can start working freelance while studying as well. Therefore, if you like to live in the present, you might benefit from a career in the fast-moving digital industry.

5. Computer science

Computer science has always been a famous field among students. It is a rapidly evolving field that covers everything from programming to hardware functions. If you see yourself working on the machines of our future, you should consider getting your degree in computer science.

Here, you will study all the basics of computer and software, and after that, you can choose your career of interest. Some students enjoy coding, and they exceptionally thrive at it with the proper training. On the other hand, some students enjoy machine learning, AI, and other emerging technologies. Thus, like any other field, there are several options in computer science too.


Undeniably, education is a prerequisite for venturing into the professional world.Without the proper skillset, it might become challenging for you to excel and advance in your career. Therefore, before you pick a profession of your choice, explore the education options. You must align your career goals with your interests and talents to avoid derailing from the career path. Explore various fields such as health sciences, social work, psychology and determine which one spikes your interest.

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