5 businesses that were impacted the most during 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone in general. With businesses losses and crashing economies, there has been a global deficit in terms of profit. Amongst the heavily impacted businesses were also a few adult businesses. Those that worked purely on the basis of physical meetings or gatherings in a common private space had to mandatorily be shut down.

  1. Personal services

This was most naturally the highest impacted business during 2020. As direct physical contact is involved, strict restrictions had to be put on it. There were bans on escort services and their places of work also temporarily had to shut down. The business that had been going on successfully since ages, actually came down crashing because of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

  1. Massage parlours

Similar to escort services, massage parlours also had to be shut down. For the first half, they were completely shut down as physical contact and nudity came into picture. Later they were to follow proper sanitization procedures and wear masks. They were given permission to allow a few customers at a time, however it did not go as planned and so they were shut again. There was a lot of fear among people as well which caused the business to go down over through the year 2020.

  1. Adult saunas/pools

Most sanitizers are not waterproof and it isn’t practical or possible to wear masks in pools and saunas. This made it obvious that these businesses had to shut down for public benefit. It wasn’t deemed safe to enter the same enclosed space or share water with others during the risky period and so it was imperative that these businesses shut down. Adult guest posts cover a lot of information about these impacts and are a good way for businesses to improve their seo.

  1. Porn industry

Usually nothing really impacts the porn industry since it has its own well-built niche. However, 2020 was a very novel situation for this field as well. A lot many people are involved in making even a small porn video, so there’s crowd on the set in the form of cast, crew and other staff members. During 2020, this was an absolute no-no anyway because of social distancing and no-touching rules in effect in most countries affected heavily by the pandemic. So shooting had to be stopped and no new content could be created

  1. Live virtual sex or companionship

This is one business that was impacted, but in the positive way. Since people could not step out or benefit from adult services in person, virtual ones skyrocketed. Many new channels and apps were developed where people could connect to pay and have virtual sex with professionals or amateurs. There was a lot of demand for this business since the lockdown and as things seem pretty much the same in 2021 as well, this type of business will surely be popular for quite some time. It is easy and comfortable as people don’t have to step out of their houses and safe as well, given the current situation.

Adult businesses, similar to others have faced a lot of losses in the year of 2020. Everyone, including business owners, workers and customers are hoping things get back to normal as soon as possible. Many adult websites publish the backlinks of their services through erotic stories and improve their online presence.

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