4 Tips for Buying the Best Tapware for Your Bathroom

Tapware can change the way your bathroom looks. The right tapware will increase the aesthetic look of your bathroom, and a bad combination of tapware and bathroom fixtures will ruin the entire look. So, now you know that bathroom tapware can make or break the whole look of your bathroom, so you have to consider a few things before buying new tapware.

Most people care about how their home appeals to others, and they spend a lot of money on interior decor and elegant pieces of furniture. But, sometimes, they forget about the importance of buying bathroom appliances/fixtures and tapware that match/complement each other. It is a shame to have the whole house designed to please the eyes and the bathroom left behind in the aesthetics department. Hence, buying the proper combination of elegant and matching tapware for your bathrooms is necessary.

So, if you are planning to buy some tapware for your bathroom, you can follow the below-given tips for choosing the perfect one:

1. Pair Your Tapware With the Wash Basins

It is a pretty obvious and straightforward thing to do; your tapware must complement the wash basin it is attached to. And when it comes to basins, top-mounted is the most in-demand and suitable one on the list. However, there are several other varieties, such as three-piece tap sets, pillar taps, and mixers. As such, you can mount the top-mounted tapware directly on the horizontal wall or the basin. In that case, you can call it wall-mounted tapware.

The tap styles, according to their popularity, are:

  • Top/wall-mounted
  • Three-piece tapware
  • Basin mixer
  • Pillar taps

2. Pairing the Tapware With Your Bathtub or Shower

Like the basin taps, you can get the shower taps and bathtub in the wall- and top-mounted design.

You can also find different styles of bath taps like:

  • Shower/bath diverter mixers
  • Mixer tap
  • 3-piece tap
  • Freestanding mixers

3. Colours and Finishes

When it comes to your bathrooms, there will be just two or three prominent colours. And white is the most common colour in everyone’s bathroom. So what colour combination should you choose? Should you buy all the matching items? Will it be weird?

When you have these doubts while shopping for the bathroom tapware, you can rely on the following options, as they are some of the specific categories/designs of bathrooms:

  • Monochromatic, industrial: It will have coated finish such as Nickle or rose gold or matte black.
  • Contemporary or complex: A unique design in chrome, matte, black, stainless steel, polished metallic, or a shiny texture.
  • Traditional, cultural, or vintage: Chrome, gold, cream finish, and brass.

You can choose the tapware from these styles, and every bathroom will have at least one type of colour/finishing, as mentioned above.

4. Consistency Is the Key

You should ensure (from the beginning itself) that the shower, basin, and bath tapware complement each other well. Likewise, the structure/size of your tapware and additional bathroom fixtures must match or complement each other.

Another vital point about consistency is the shapes and curves. In case the bathtub, wash basin, and other fixtures have curved corners and have a non-boxy design, your bathroom tapware must be curvy too. And if you choose a pointy box or sharp-looking tapware, it will destroy the flow of everything. Hence, you need to find the right ones to keep this consistency.

Remember all these points while you start shopping for the tapware.

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