4 Key Tips to Stop Spam Email for Good

Did you know that the average person receives about 100 emails a day?

This statistic doesn’t even include email spam. You’ve probably spent a good chunk of your life deleting spam from your inbox. Many people have admitted defeat when it comes to spam, assuming it can’t ever go away.

Are you wondering how you can make this issue a thing of the past? Keep reading to learn all about 4 key tips to stop spam email for good.

1. Report Spam Instead of Replying to It

If you want to know how to stop email spam, then one thing you should do is avoid replying to the spam in any way. Even clicking on an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email could end up being a trap. This is because a hacker will try any way they can to get your personal info.

Plus, responding to spam will notify the spammer that your email address is an active one. This will set you up for even more spam in the future. Instead, you should report the spam to your email provider and then delete it.

2. Be Careful About Where You Post Your Email

Aside from email spam deletion, you should be careful about where you post your email address. If you’re signing up for a newsletter, for instance, it’s worth double-checking the security of the site and the general trustworthiness of the newsletter.

You should also avoid posting your email address in social media comments and elsewhere because bots can grab it and use it to send spam. If you have to post your email somewhere, write it out in a unique way, such as johnsmith AT gmail DOT com.

3. Use a Nifty Program

If you have too many emails as it is, then it’s worth getting a piece of software that can help keep things as clean as possible.

Are you ready to get rid of countless emails in one fell swoop with the right program? If so, be sure to check it out.

4. Uncheck Sign-Up Boxes

Are you asking yourself, “Where does email spam come from?” The simplest answer is that spam can come from anywhere and everywhere.

For instance, you can get spam from an online store when you buy something. This happens during checkout when they automatically check the sign-up box. Instead, you should uncheck it.

Are You Ready to Stop Spam Email?

Now that you’ve learned about 4 key tips to stop spam email for good, you don’t have to feel so hesitant about opening emails again. Be sure to let your family members and friends know how they can keep their inboxes clean as well.

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