4 Benefits of Using an OCR Engine

Data entry is an essential part of your business, but could it hurt your customer retention? A lack of data transparency and errors are major factors. Clients want to know what you collect and see it with their own two eyes.

If the notion of clients thumbing through your archives and sensitive files sounds nightmarish, worry not. Optical character recognition software, known as an OCR engine, turns both structured and unstructured documents into searchable files. Clients get peace of mind and don’t disturb others’ privacy during their search.

Read on to discover why OCR software is good for your business.

1. Allow Unprecedented Access

Today’s clients are savvier about electronic privacy more than ever before. If you set up a client portal, customers can use OCR software to search through their files. Clients seeking honesty will thank your company for it.

If you don’t offer direct access for security reasons or other concerns, you’ll still benefit from this tool. Account managers have a simpler time finding the data clients want in a short period by using OCR-searchable text.

2. Edit With an OCR Engine

When looking to edit a preexisting document without optical character recognition, you have to transfer information by hand. As you do so, you risk data entry errors with every keystroke.

There’s no winning: either you do quick work and take the risk or spend time obsessing, reading it over and over to make sure everything’s right. Even so, you could miss something and spend extra time fixing the problem—and any issues it caused.

Depending on the OCR software you use, you may be able to edit digital files right after processing. Direct editing and saving a copy is a cinch, and so is converting files to editable formats, such as Microsoft Word documents with Tesseract OCR Windows software. You can also copy and paste OCR text as soon as it’s converted into whatever document format you want.

3. Focus on the Things That Matter

OCR text eliminates hours spent sorting through paper documents. You also won’t have to read countless non-OCR digital files for the tidbits of information you need.

Ridding your company of tedious jobs like that lets you and your employees redirect your time and energy toward things that matter more. Focusing on client satisfaction and business model innovations will keep your workplace running far into the future.

4. Give More Accurate Answers

Not only does OCR text let your clients search their files, but it also lets you give clearer answers when hunting for their information.

You won’t have to than a summary that may or may not offer the facts they seek. With OCR, you can tell them word-for-word. That cuts out any confusion and keeps your clients happy.

Update Your Technology and Business Know-How

These four benefits of using an OCR engine will help your business make smarter, more efficient decisions. You’ll retain your valued clients this way.

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