15 Habits That Can Be Signs Of Depression

Mild depression is often misdiagnosed because it is mistaken for common mood swings or seasonal lethargy, which means it is not treated. This is the insidiousness of the situation that a person considers himself to be completely healthy, while changes are already taking place in his life, which can develop into severe depression.

But it is easier to cope with any disease if you pay attention to alarming symptoms at an early stage. In this article, we will mention some habits that can be a sign that you are on the verge of depression, and now is the time to seek professional help.

Habits That Indicate Depression

People undergoing depression develop some habits that differentiate them from other people. To identify depression, pay closer attention to your habits.

1. You Started To Eat More

Appetite changes are often associated with a person’s psychological state. So pay attention if you are constantly chewing – especially when it comes to uplifting donuts, fries, and pizza. Eating them from time to time is absolutely normal. But if they surround you around the clock, you may not be trying to deal with negative emotions in a very healthy way.

2. You Drink Alcohol A Lot

“There is nothing wrong with a glass of wine at dinner, but checking the limits of the acceptable amount every night is not very normal,” says psychotherapist Jennifer Soos. Craving alcoholic drinks is a typical sign of growing psychological problems. Thus, as soon as you notice this change, consult a professional; otherwise, getting rid of alcoholism can become extremely difficult.

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3. You Take A Long Shower

All rituals associated with water have a calming effect on the psyche. Pay attention to whether you have begun to dream of a bubble bath more often and whether you spend half an hour in the shower enjoying the warm water.

Unconscious attempts, such as taking a long shower to numb the pain of the soul, should not be ignored. It may be an indication that your mental health is suffering and need immediate care.

4. You Want To Sleep Longer

Depression affects your sleep – forcing you to either toss or turn all night; or not letting you crawl out of bed at the right time. Licensed psychotherapist Karen R. Koenig states: “Sleep is a way to turn off the brain and also take time for yourself, but if you begin to devote more and more hours to this habit, something is clearly going wrong.

5. You Want To Take Some Days Off 

Everyone needs a mental health day, and it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed from time to time. But if attempts to take an unscheduled day off turn into a habit, it seems that depression is hidden behind this. You must consult a therapist to make sure whether everything in your head is going fine or not.

6. You Are Indifferent To Your Clothes

If you do not pay attention to how you smell or look, it may be a sign of depression. Of course, there are days when wearing dirty jeans is the only way to get to work, but in general, it is not normal to wear dirty laundry to your office. If you were previously very cautious of how you look and now nothing matters, it’s clearly a sign of depression.

7. You Stopped Cleaning Your House

It’s okay to forget a bowl of breakfast leftovers on the table. But if you don’t throw out a week-old box of pizza to the bin, you’re clearly in trouble. According to psychologists, the house is a kind of projection of the owner’s internal state. And your projection should be free of mold, bad smells, and dried plants if your mental health is good.

8. You Are Online All Day

Being a social media fanatic and checking them out a couple of times a day is one thing. But if virtual life is all you care about, listen to Clinical Psychologist Lynn: “Going into the online world or TV series is one variation of being numb, and it can definitely be a sign of depression.” Thus, instead of cutting off from the real world, you must consult a doctor.

9. Canceling Plans Is Your Habit

Sometimes it’s so cool to cancel your plans, stay home, put on your pajamas and do something nice. But if all you do is giving up your plans, you may be depressed. Therapist Craig says, “If you’re not feeling well, you probably want to isolate yourself. And there is nothing healthy about it as it may be a sign of depression. ”

10. You Shop Online Without Stopping

Shopping online is okay unless it’s your only hobby. Stress expert Debbie Mandel says, “This way, you can try to fill a hole in your life. Shopping briefly improves mood, that is, helps fight depression, but should not become a habit.” If you have a similar condition, consult a therapist today.

11. You Are Inattentive

Are you constantly distracted, forget the question before you can answer it, and can’t concentrate at all? Of course, this happens to the best of us too, but not on a consistent basis. So if you don’t remember most of the things about your work, and the most common expression on your face is blank, it’s time to chat with a therapist.

12. You Are Busy All The Time, And You Like It

Depression is difficult to deal with. Therefore, many choose to ignore it. “People often find a million things to do to avoid having to analyze what’s going on,” says psychotherapist Latrice McNeal. But, if you really can’t be alone with your thoughts, it’s time to see a specialist.

13. You Procrastinate More Than Before

According to Jesse Matthews, Ph.D. in Psychology, any degree of depression lowers motivation and drive toward goals. Procrastination is an attempt to avoid responsibility, and when we are depressed, we do our best not to do what we do not want too much. So we try our best not to work; however, you must address this problem at the right time.

Take Away 

Sometimes our habits reveal that our mental health is not in perfect condition. So if you also have recently developed most of the above habits, know that you are on the verge of serious depression and need special care for it.

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