11 Delicious But Deadly Foods Present In Every Kitchen

Everything that we eat affects our bodies in one way or another. We use some of these products so often that we don’t even think about the harm and lack of any benefit from them for our health. In this article, we have compiled the 10 most harmful, which, we are sure are present in every kitchen. Maybe it’s time to get rid of them? Let’s analyze it together.

List of Harmful Foods Present In Every Kitchen

We eat them almost every day. They are freely available in the refrigerator and on the table. Let’s take a close look at the main ones.

1- Microwave Popcorn

Many will ask: “what can be harmful in it? It’s just ordinary corn.” But it’s not that simple. Many scientists are currently trying to find out the whole danger of this product. One thing is clear that those who frequently consume popcorn are at risk of cancer.

The product also includes an artificial flavor. It gives off dangerous vapors when processed in a microwave oven. They contain such a toxic substance as diacetyl. It is used in the food industry to create flavorings for the smell of oils. Perfectly masks synthetic additives. 

2- Canned Food

They may contain botulinum toxin, which appears in a closed environment through the contamination of food with botulism. Such a product is simply hazardous to health.

Canned food is very susceptible to heat treatment which kills all useful substances. Fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber remain. There is also a lot of sugar, vinegar, and salt in such products. If you are not going on a hike, it is best not to keep canned food in the house.

3- Alcoholic Drinks

After New Year’s party or any other festive, many of us have alcoholic drinks in our kitchen. These drinks are extremely harmful to health when consumed excessively. And once a person gets addicted, it is hard to go back. Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can be very difficult to deal with. And you might have to get help from a specialist for recovering. Therefore, it is better to throw these killing drinks. 

4- Grilled Meat

And even worse is a hot dog. During the preparation process, it releases heterocyclic aromatic amines. This changes the composition of the meat. It is safer to cook in a pan or eat it boiled. Not everyone can competently cook meat in this way. And if you leave it damp, then you can get infected with some kind of bacterial infection.

5- Refined Sugar

Although many are now abandoning this product, as it is capable of slowly killing. For its production, corn syrup with high fructose content and sugar beets are used. And this is a direct path to oncology. You can eat only 4 – 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. Sugar causes cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kills the nervous system, leads to obesity, and much more. Nutritionists recommend switching to natural products: grape and coconut sugar, stevia, Jerusalem artichoke, or honey.

6- Marinades, Pickles, And Smoked Meats

Adding vinegar, salt, and sugar is not at all healthy. On the contrary, all useful substances get killed. Manufactured products typically use nitrates, which extends the shelf life. Besides, there are also flavor enhancers. In smoked fish, nitrates are converted to nitrites during processing. And they are even more dangerous than nitrates. Both of them cause cancerous tumors.

7- Sweet Carbonated Drinks

Everyone knows the influence and their harm of these drinks. But still many people use them in regular life. The drinks include carbon dioxide, which, especially in children, causes bloating in the stomach and intestines, and disrupts the level of acidity.

Sugar eats away at tooth enamel and has a detrimental effect on joints, causing cancer of the pancreas and ureters. Drinking beverages increases the risk of heart disease and urine stone disease. Caffeine is addictive and mentally addictive. Moreover, preservatives and chemical additives destroy the structure of DNA.

8- Wheat Flour Products

Every housewife must have flour. This refined product is useless, and also harmful to people with gluten intolerance. Flour can cause autoimmune diseases that affect all organs of the body.

The product provokes the mechanisms of excess weight gain, gastrointestinal diseases, the development of pre-metabolic conditions, and diabetes itself. In addition to useless starch, the composition includes dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, disintegrating agents, bleaches, and even antibiotics, which do not allow the product to deteriorate for a long time and cause irreparable damage to health.

9- Fish From Farms

Grown in small areas, and is often a breeding ground for all kinds of infections. Also, for such a fish to reach a larger size, it is fed with all sorts of modified drugs, pesticides, and antibiotics. In food, consumers receive a product stuffed with a mixture of chemicals. It contains much less Omega-3 fatty acids than natural fish. 

10- Hydrogenated Oils

This is a product that we consume every day. But, it turns out that we poison ourselves every day. And chemicals do not appear immediately but tend to gradually accumulate in the body. And they manifest themselves only after a while in the form of oncology and other dangerous diseases.

11- Beautiful Fruits And Vegetables

Buying these essential sources of vitamins and minerals in supermarkets, we do not suspect that to give them a presentation, they are pumped with chemicals for faster ripening and no signs of decay. In just one experiment on a random bright apple, 47 types of pesticides were found in it. 15 of them affect the state of the human hormonal system, 11 are known toxins, and 6 are dangerous carcinogens. 

Summing Up

We use many food items in our daily lives without knowing about their harmful effect. Such killing foods not only destroy our health but also ruin the health of our family. Therefore, it is high time to throw them from our kitchen and replace them with healthy food.

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