Best 10 Websites You can Create yaoi and Bl Webtoon to Make money Online

One does not make money easy, especially when it’s online. There are all kinds of traps and tricksters on the net. So, we did a little of research work for you, and proudly present 10 sites for you to make money online without fear of being scammed!

1. Upwork

Upwork is a strong platform of freelancing. Don’t worry if nobody hires you in real life, or you can’t go to your workplace due to the lockdown. On Upwork, there is a collection of short-term work that may fit what you can offer. It can range from content writing, transcribing, translating, coding to more artistic aspects like art commissioning or designing. Do notice that this site will ask for a commission of about 5-20% with each of your project.

2. Freelancers

If you have lots of free time to spare, why not spending it helping others and get a sum for your effort? Offers on Freelancers are varied: mowing the lawn, cleaning rooms, going to the grocery, etc. Spend a day running errands and you’d be surprised of how flexible and effective you actually are, not to mention the money you can make for doing someone else’s chores.

3. Ben 10 Aliens World

If you are a game designer with a passion for superheroes like Ben 10 games, avengers games, batman games, spiderman games, hulk games with Ben 10 aliens, ben 10 omniverse, ben 10 reboot or ben 10 omnitrix you are not  can ignore this wonderful website  Create superhero games and share them with millions of global players and instant gaming with dozens of clubs that love marvel and Dc comics.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is another great site to find freelancing work. The gigs are endless: art, lifestyle, video and animations, marketing, etc. The site provides quite a detailed instruction for freelancers to create the best version of themselves to attract potential clients.

5. Etsy

Today’s trend is organic and handmade products. That’s what Etsy is perfect for. You can sell your handiwork, like customized bracelets or bamboo furniture, with a good price, in fact. You should do a few researches on the site’s terms and conditions, as well as prepare to make your own business.


If you are a manga author specializing in yaoi manga and Bl webtoon then is where you can make a profit.  With the themes of yaoi, yaoi manga, bl manga and bl webtoon, you can’t miss the chance to make money by submitting your work to the website.

7. Neighbor

You may not have much money, but do you have much space to share? Then visit Neighbor and you can turn that into money. You can offer the space of your storage, basement, garage or parking place with a recommended price in a certain period of time. The renter will pay you rent and pay the site a percentage for the service. That’s it. You’ll earn money fast with no investment or extra fees.

8. Swap

Swap works like an online thrift shop. You send in used things like toys, clothes or used video games F95 Zone, then the site will evaluate your offer’s condition (“hand-inspected”, as they guarantee). If it passes the test, your earning will depend on how much your item is sold, as in their commission structure. If your item cannot make it, you either pay a charge to get it back or it will go to donation, so make sure that you give an item in a fair condition at least.

9. Read Free Comics

If you are a manga or webtoon author, you cannot ignore, a website for submitting your works including manhwa, manga and webtoon. Ad revenue sharing site and pay per chapter read.

10. Gazelle

Instead of throwing away old smart devices like your two-year-old phone or laptop, you can sell them away at Gazelle. The site will evaluate what you offer them and if it’s good enough, you will send your devices to them with the packaging materials they provide (no shipping fee for it). Then a check will be sent to your e-mail along with a gift card or PayPal money, depending on your choice in the first place. Actually, it’s not that big of a deal, but still better than nothing, and you’ll free up some space in your place.

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