10 Reasons You Might Want to Buy a Motor Scooter

Lots of people these days are buying motor scooters as alternatives to larger, costlier vehicles. Although a scooter is never going to replace the family car as your primary mode of transportation, there are a lot of advantages to driving one. Some of these reasons follow:

1. A motor scooter is an inexpensive mode of transportation. Unless you want a really large, powerful model, you can find a high-quality bike for around $2,000. With the average car running over $20,000 these days, you can see that using a scooter as your 2nd vehicle, or even your primary source of transportation, is a much more economical choice. It will also give you high gas mileage which can save you big time on fuel Scooter rijbewijs tilburg.

2. A motor scooter is lightweight and portable. You can even find models that fold down for easy transport. You’ve seen lots of people carrying their bicycles with them on vacations. That way, when they park their motor homes for the night, they have transportation to take them to see the sights, to find a place to eat, or to just get out and enjoy nature. The same thing can be done with a portable scooter. If you have any mobility issues, you will also find a portable scooter a real asset when you want to take a trip to a mall or other public place.

3. A scooter is a lot of fun. My husband just loves going out and zooming around on his. Although it isn’t large and powerful, he loves tackling both city streets and rural roads. Since it is so inexpensive to operate, he never has to worry about spending too much on gas.

4. A motor scooter makes excellent transportation for teens. Since most of these bikes don’t travel very fast, especially the smaller ones, you can give your teen an opportunity to practice his road skills very safely and without risking the family car. In some states, kids as young as 14 can get licenses to ride motor scooters which will make it more convenient for you. Instead of having to take your teen to school, sports practices, and other get-togethers, you can let him or her take themselves.

5. Motor scooters are easier to park than other types of vehicles. If you live in a metropolitan area where parking is at a premium, you’ll love being able to park in spaces that are too small for most other vehicles. You may even find a parking place closer to your home or job than you can with your car and save a little walking.

6. Buying and driving a motor scooter are good choices if you want a vehicle that uses less gas and has fewer emissions. With all the emphasis on green living these days, a motor bike can be the answer to your transportation needs.

7. By using a motor scooter as your second vehicle, you will save a lot of mileage on your car, minivan, SUV, truck, or whatever your primary vehicle might be. Instead of getting out the car to run down the block to the store, and maybe losing your parking place, you’ll be able to take your bike and save on the wear on your car at the same time you’re saving on gas.

8. You’ll find that a motor scooter is much easier to drive than a full-sized motorcycle. You don’t have to shift gears, you don’t use a foot brake, and most models are automatics which makes them as easy to ride as bicycles.

9. There are many groups that have been organized just for motor scooter buffs, and you may enjoy being able to participate in such a club. Usually these groups have organized rides that are a lot of fun, and you will meet other people who have a common interest with you.

10. Because you want to. This may be the best reason of all. In the stress of everyday life, it’s sometimes hard to remember that you deserve a few pleasures, too. So stop and smell the roses, and buy yourself a motor scooter just because it will make you feel happy.

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