10 Cool Technological Innovations in Vaping Technology

With so many vape companies entering the market, each one has so much to offer to vapers. The competition is increasing each passing day, which is why vape companies have to find new ways of attracting customers.

Whenever you go out to look for a new vape for yourself, you will notice how new features have been introduced.

We have created this post to tell you about 10 new cool technological innovations in vaping technology that you should keep an eye out for. 

1. Integration with Smartphones

A year before, you never would have thought of your vaping device having anything to do with your smartphone. That is certainly not the case anymore. All thanks to advancements in technology, our vaping devices can successfully be connected to our smartphones, as well as our smartwatches.

This new technological feature has helped users in numerous ways. We can track our habits and usage through our smart devices, and can also help locate our vaping device in case it gets misplaced or stolen. 

All this is possible with the help of Bluetooth integrated into the vaping device. You can even track your nicotine intake and set a reminder when to refill your vape’s tank.

2. Better charging

We all know what a nuisance it is when our vape’s battery drains when we are out. What’s the fun in a vape that tends to drain after a short period of time?

But, if we take a look at modern vaping devices, there have been considerable battery improvements with the help of technology.

Now there are countless varieties of high-power batteries to choose from for an uninterrupted vaping experience. Not only has the capacity of batteries increased, but costs have lowered as well. Therefore, you are now able to enjoy a vast range of long-lasting and modular options for your vape devices.

Thus, you can now easily swap out your battery as well in case it loses its charge, or you can even upgrade your model in order to get the desired power you want.

Yes, you can now charge your vape in a short period of time, and vape for a far longer period, without having to worry about recharging it anytime soon.

3. Massive Clouds

If you’re into sub-ohming, this is for you. Sub-ohm vaping is one of the most advanced and exciting innovations that has happened to the vaping industry yet. Moreover, it has opened up a whole new world of vaping, from the traditional “mouth to lung” which was more of smoking, all the way to direct “lung hits” or “cloud-chasing”.     

Vapes from Smok wholesale are now able to provide a far better experience to users. Everyone loves the vapor clouds that are formed by vaping. However, the vapes you commonly find in the market now are able to produce far better and intense vapor. 

Technological advancements have helped produce more massive clouds, and have made vaping far more fun and exciting. Therefore, vape manufacturers are now developing better clearomizers with far better coils to help you produce those intense and massive clouds.

4. Chip Technology

Advancements in chip tech have made vaping far easy for beginners as it helps provide numerous customization options for seasoned cloud chasers. The ‘pulse’ mode feature provides users with an optimized hit when they take a puff. Moreover, it also includes automatically adjusted temperature controls.

5. Voice Activation

Voice activation is a feature no one thought would be possible in the world of vaping. However, this feature is most common in large box mods as they comparatively need more computer power in order to react to the user’s dictation.

These types of mods are able to interpret spoken commands and carry them out smoothly. Moreover, users are able to control numerous aspects, such as lights, power wattage, and temperature by speaking.


6. Customizable Mouthpieces

Mouthpieces help enable users to experience a more satisfactory vape experience. Now, you can easily get your hands on the different types of mouthpieces that come in various sizes and materials.

7. Nicotine Salts

Although nicotine salts are new in the market, they have become high in demand already. This mixture of nicotine now helps users to have a far smoother feeling, that too without any side effects. Although these salts are strong in nicotine, they are still gentle in flavor.

Moreover, nicotine salts are an ideal option for heavy smokers who want to switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping. These salts help give smokers the same kick, but with less harmful effects.

8. Different Sizes and Types

Due to technological advancements, there are countless vapes to choose from. You will find different vapes of vapes available in different sizes, colors, and designs, all suited for different needs.

Also, you will find vapes that feature bigger tanks that are able to contain more e-juice and last much longer. Moreover, vapes now come in sleek designs as well that are far better and easier to carry around and keep in our pockets. Vapes now offer far better grip and are far more intuitive than ever before.

9. Nickel and Titanium Atomizers

The vape’s atomizer is generally responsible for turning the e-juice cartridge juice into a mist that you inhale. Without it, you will be unable to breathe in the vapor Smoke grenades from your vaping device.

Thus, many vaping companies now make use of nickel and titanium in the new atomizers in vapes. This means that your vaping device will now have a higher resistance to heat. With this higher heat resistance, you will now be able to enjoy vaping with intense flavor, and without having to worry about having a burnt taste in your mouth.

10. Reliable Pod Systems

Thanks to technological advancements, pod systems are now highly user-friendly and easy to use. You can now refill your vape yourself, and continue to enjoy your vape. Moreover, pod systems now are comparatively more durable and don’t require much maintenance.

Furthermore, vape manufacturers are now also designing pod systems that are much more compact and functional than ever as well.

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